TLF 10th Anniversary Logo

Anniversary logo concepts

Before settling on a traditional and ‘old fashioned’ anniversary logo, we came up with some different treatments (all included a cog, natch.)

10th Anniversary Logo Variant

Project brief:

We had originally envisioned a ‘shield’ icon (below), but quickly realized that this format was a little too unorthodox for the message we were trying to convey. Alas, and while we like to think our design studio runs a little on the funky side, even we must bow to traditional norms once in a while. We needed a typical ‘old fashioned’ anniversary logo, complete with elegant script and large numbers, to drive the message home.

10th Anniversary Logo Variants

TLF 10th Anniversary Logo

Type Of Project:

Internal promotions

Project Description:

A celebratory logo to mark The Logo Factory’s 10th birthday (1996 – 2006.) Created in-house as a pet project, this design was used on our website and on all marketing material throughout 2006 and then retired at the end of the year. It was hard to believe (then) that The Logo Factory was around for ten years. In 2016, it will be twenty.

We’ll probably need another logo.

Type Of Logo:

See types of logos for details.

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