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  • Design & layout of your branded presentation folder. We’ll deliver print-ready files with die-lines and you’re good to go.

Presentation Folder Design Pricing

Pocket folder layout, design and print files

Used for that all-important delivery of letters, documents, contracts and brochures, a well-designed presentation folder adds visual impact and recognition that continues long after the initial hand-off. As with most of our design work, your logo will be front and center, with added artwork and graphic design flourishes that will make your presentation folder something to keep.

Your presentation folder design is developed in much the same way as any of our graphic design services – we create up to three preliminary versions, preview the designs on our Factory Floor client area where you can request revisions and edits until you’ve arrived at a design you can be confident represents your business interests well.

Presentation folder design includes industry standard die-lines – the guides that printers use to cut out the printed folder – featuring traditional pockets and business card slots. When used as part of a total brand identity, and combined with your well-designed business cards, letterheads and other documents, a dynamic folder screams out professionalism.


Pricing – $195.00

Our presentation folder design package starts at $195.00. Additional artwork and/or stock photo additions may require additional hourly billable charges. For an accurate quote on a specialized presentation folder, please contact our client support with your project particulars.

Full payment of $195.00 payable upon project submission.

Preliminary Design Delivery:

5 business day delivery of preliminary designs. Design and creation of your presentation folder artwork and hosting on our Factory Floor client area. Artwork includes cover, back cover and inside pockets. Artwork can be spot color or four color process, depending on your logo, the type of artwork and/or photography you would like us to add as well as printing requirements and budget.

Number Of Initial Preliminary Designs:

Up to 3 preliminary design options.

Maximum Preliminary Designs:

4 available.

Maximum Number Of Design Revisions:

Up to 3 sets of revisions. Revisions can generally be turned around in 3 business days. Once allotment of modification requests have been used up, subsequent presentation folder design edits may be subject to additional hourly billing. We try to be flexible and simple edits can still be performed at no charge. Check with your designer.

Artwork Delivered:

All presentation folder designs are supplied as print ready impositions (EPS) with outlined fonts for maximum printer compatibility. Die lines (standard 2 pocket, business card slot) included. Colors are itemized as PANTONE spot colors or CMYK mixes. Included are:

EPS (encapsulated postscript) & AI files.

The vector based source files of any design work by The Logo Factory. This file is generally the format used by quality printers. For color matching accuracy of spot color presentation folders, we use the Pantone Matching System (PMS.) For print color reference, Pantone Color Guides are available at better local printers. These files are editable, but require access to design software such as Adobe Illustrator. For full color presentation folder design, we will set up your artwork in CMYK. This will be necessary if you want us to add color photography – stock photos for example – to your layout.

PDF (Adobe Portable Document Files) files.

These cross-platform files do not require any elaborate software to open other than the free PDF reader available from Adobe (chances are you already have the reader installed in your web browser, phone or tablet.) These print-ready files are also web friendly and can be stored, and made available for download from your website. Small enough to be e-mailed. PDF files contain all the fonts and artwork that your printer will need. May be editable depending on font licensing.

Additional files.

Depending on how your Presentation Folder design is set up, we may also supply you with Quark and/or In Design files complete with supporting artwork (photography, etc) in either Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop formats.

Copyright Transfer:

Included. Legal transfer of ownership rights to design work by The Logo Factory, utilized in the finalized layout of your presentation folder. Copyrights to any stock photography utilized in your project will remain subject to the original license under which it was obtained.

Getting started:

A presentation folder design project requires payment of $195.00 before it can be scheduled in our production department. Contact us for an accurate quote on your particular project. Payment for any additional charges incurred during the project must be submitted before shipment of digital files or final artwork.

* As design is a creative process, our revision turnaround times are approximate only. Our designers will do their best to meet scheduling as listed, or even faster, but certain factors may increase revision time. Your designer, or client support, will inform you of such delays throughout the design process.

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