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Presentation Folder Design

Pocket folders and insets to get your message out

When delivered in a dynamic presentation folder your business material will get the attention it deserves! That’s a message that’s not lost on many of our clients – one of the 3d-version-presentation-foldermost popular logo design follow up requests around our studio is for the creation of a killer presentation folder.

A professional image.

Used for that all-important delivery of letterheads, documents and catalogs, a dynamic presentation folder shows that you’re deadly serious about your company’s image. Your potential clients are more likely to retain a professionally designed presentation folder (and the material inside) than a plain ‘off-the-shelf’ folder available at any office supply store too. If you’ve worked with The Logo Factory before, you’ll know that we ‘walk the talk’ – delivering all final client CDs, copyright transfer and technical manuals inside our own full-colour glossy folder for that very reason. We can tell you this – those folders have been the source of many a project and client referral.

Presentation Folder Sample

Why should we design your presentation folder?

Having worked with all the possible of presentation folder variations and permutations – pockets, business card slots, types of reproduction and card stock, The Logo Factory has turned designing presentation folders into a science. This highly specialized form of design can be challenging, but working from our knowledge of your new logo, as well as your company philosophy, we will design presentation folder artwork that is second-to-none. Your designer will create the required images, icons, perhaps a beauty shot of your logo and combine them with the appropriate text and fonts to form a design worthy of your corporate seal.

The Logo Factory approach.

We’ll offer design solutions that you may not have thought about, and show you the possibilities on your client only Factory Floor page. Once you’ve approved the final work, we’ll make all the required files and images available for download from our website.

From our design portfolio
We’ll set up the files using supplied (or your printer’s) die-lines and either PMS (Pantone Matching System) spot colors (or CMYK full color process where applicable. In a custom production run, we know how to set up your folder with zero-tolerance die lines so that you’re assured of accurate placement of your carefully selected images and artwork. We can also work with your printer’s technical restrictions, if we’re designing your folder to match their standards. All images and artwork will be set up to exacting technical standards, including formats and resolutions, all of which will help make your presentation folder development a success. We have assembled a few of our previous designs here, but if you require further information about folder design, please contact our client support department. Currently, presentation folder design is available only as an ‘à la carte’ add-on design service.

What we’ll need.

In order to design your presentation folder, as well as streamline the design process, we’ll need the following items before we can begin developing your artwork:

Vector version of your logo.

If your logo was created by our studio, we’ll already have this vector artwork on file. If not, and you only have a low-resolution bitmap or pre-printed image available, we may need to perform some logo repair. Either way, we’ll get you started.

Text, copy and callouts.

We’ll need all the relevant sales messages, contact information and call out titles that you wish to have worked into the design. Should you require, our staff can assist you in developing effective presentation folder artwork and copy.
From our design portfolio

Additional photography and artwork.

If you wish to include your own photographs on your presentation folder, we’ll need those. If you wish to use photography, but have none available, we can help you select stock photographs from our various sources (additional licensing charges may apply, or you may need your own account.) If you wish to add other logos – trade associations for example – we’ll need vector versions of those too (or image files in a high enough print resolution.) If you would like us to create custom illustrations or artwork, we can discuss that as well. Simple illustrations and graphics can usually be included in the pricing of your presentation folder design, but more complex artwork may require additional hourly time charges. Our designers can assist you in selecting the artwork that’s best suited for your project.

Presentation folder design bills out at $195.00. Details here. Here’s what you get.

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