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Getting ready: Pre-design project planning.

A series of Design Help tips, suggestions & practical advice assembled by designers in our studio. For more help features check out the Buyer’s Branding Tips category on our blog.

Pre-Flight Action List

Before working on your project, let’s go down this checklist..

While every logo design project is different, over the years our designers have formulated a list of common requirements that assist in a timely and successful project. Here’s a few…

Step 1

Determine your budget

The Logo Factory offers several logo pricing and package options. These are determined by design turnaround, number of unique preliminaries, revisions and additional included material.

Step 2

Determine your logo usage

The usage of your logo will determine some design factors and technical limitations. This will also determine which logo file formats, at a minimum, you will require. Entry logo packages include a working set of file formats while Professional, Gold and Platinum packages include a more extensive range of files and setups for wider application.

Step 3

Think about what logo best suits your identity

There are several different types of logos and each has pros and cons. Our designers can help you determine the type of logo that will best suit your needs – we’ve even assembled a list of logo design tips that will guide you through the process.

Step 4

Consider your audience

What will appeal to your market? What will resonate with your customers? This will help you decide the ‘style’ of logo as well as the type of logo required. Do you want your logo to portray service, speed, economy, exclusivity, etc.

Step 5

Take a look at your competitors

You want your logo to be better than your competitors and others in your field, while remaining unique to your company, product or service. What do you like about their logos? What do you not like about their logos? By gauging your particular market, you’ll be able to set some design goals.

Step 6

Look at a lot of logos

Logos are all around us. Take a look at the ones you see on a day-to-day basis. Which ones do you like. Which ones do you not like. Which logos give you a good vibe. Ask yourself why? More importantly, ask yourself which logos are appropriate for your business, audience and industry? (you can browse our logo design gallery for some inspiration).

Step 7

Determine your immediate requirements

What will be the immediate, and primary usage of your logo? This will help us determine how far our designers can ‘push the envelope’ with your logo. What do you need right away? Some of our logo design packages include various additional material. By ordering this included material, you can save time, money as well as insure that your corporate material follows a consistent ‘look and feel’.

That’s it. You’re ready to submit a new logo design project.

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