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To order a new logo project please fill out the form below as completely as possible. The information supplied will allow our designers to begin to develop the concepts for your new logo. Complete the form below (fields with * and outlined in red are required). After submitting this form, you will be directed to our secure server for logo package selection and payment. Not sure about the questions on this form? Contact our client support department for assistance.

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Pointers on your logo design. Themes (BUZZWORDS) that you wish to portray in your logo. ie: Conservative, hi-tech, budget, up-scale, etc.

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Any web sites/companies that have logos SIMILAR to what you're looking for? Any logos in our gallery that are similar to what you're trying to achieve.

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Please provide any other specific information that will help us propose your preliminary logo designs.

Planned usages of your new logo:

When creating your logo, TLF designers make provisions in the technical setup of your art files, in order to maximize the effectiveness and application of your corporate identity. Select ONLY the category(ies) that you believe your logo will be utilized with to leave as much creative freedom as possible. For further details on these uses, please see our technical sections elsewhere on this site

 WEB (standard RGB and HTML)
 SIGNAGE (Digital output)
 SIGNAGE (Plotter/Vinyl)
 STATIONERY (Letterheads, etc.)
 DIE CUT (Emboss)
 BROCHURES (Standard repro.)
 SILK-SCREEN (Wearables print)
 PRINT (Standard repro.)
 DESKTOPS (Wallpaper)
 EMBROIDERY (Wearables)

Future artwork you may be interested in:

The Logo Factory® also offers a full range of add-on graphic design services. Please check off the services that you might require as part of your new brand development. (No obligation)

 STATIONERY (Letterheads, etc.)
 BEAUTY SHOT (Desktop/Wallpaper)

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After submitting this form, you will be forwarded to our payment information and package selection page. Certain projects will require a signed authorization form (available upon submission) sent to our TOLL-FREE fax authorization line. Please note: any projects submitted from anonymous e-mail accounts are subject to telephone confirmation before project can be scheduled in our production department. Note: ALL submission and payment IP#s are logged.

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