Announcing our new and improved Factory Floor, our online design studio & client project area.

When we launched The Logo Factory 20 years ago, we were one of the first design studios (if not the first) to utilize the Internet to preview design projects online for our clients. Today, everyone and their dog does it, but back in those days, The Factory Floor as we’ve always called it, was pretty heady stuff. Anyhoo, when we ported our site over to a responsive theme last July, moved studio location (literally next door) and switched servers, we neglected to update our client area – shoemaker’s kids and all that. There were some coding issues, some design problems- the look was based on our old site, wasn’t responsive and was cluttered as all get out. To make matters even worse, a software update broke everything to hell which saw the old Factory Floor finally giving up the ghost just before New Year’s (which goes a long way to explaining why the scarcity of blog post since then.) We’ve been working on the fix on-and-off ever since, getting by – thanks to some very patient clients – by shooting PDF design and files around the world in the meantime. That’s not exactly an online design studio now is it, so it’s with a great deal of relief that that we can finally announce we’ve got The Factory Floor just about where we want her. Our new (and hopefully improved) version is officially live.

online-logo-design-studio-previewTo access the new Factory Floor, clients can simply click on the link at the bottom of each page (it’s right under the Client tab.) logo-design-online-studio-link-blogYou can also use our fancy new web address – set up for this very purpose – and get straight to our online studio via a redirect. Behind the gate you’ll find a cleaner layout, bigger image files and a soon-to-be-populated series of help files and documents. We’ve also added an online chat interface so that you can talk to our designers in real time, depending on scheduling – it’s the nice little red tab at the bottom of every client page.logo-design-online-chat-interface

Moving forward…

The idea here is to streamline our client interaction, make it more intuitive while speeding up the design process (always a bugaboo.) Over the coming weeks we’ll be porting all our active projects to this new area, so if you’ve got a project in-house, you can expect an email with credentials and login information any time now. And to those clients who persevered through endless design cycles with PDFs and emails during their projects, we salute you.