A strange logo design contest from people who really shouldn’t, new logos for Pitney Bowes and the Maritiem Museum. Design students not happy about this Canada 150th logo thing, buy an airline brand and some “best of 2014” countdown stragglers.

snippets-note-left-SMStill trying to get into a regular groove around the shop. It’s confusing too. The week usually ends on Sunday. Except around here. When it ends on Friday. And Friday means time for a new round of Snippets. We got loads of stuff to cover, including a mess of new logos and brand identities rolling down the pike, so let’s have at it. Snippets for the second week of January 2015..

The 2014 year-end lists keep on coming.

We did ours. This one is for sports logos.

Time management.

It’s a thing. Unless you’re creative. Then it looks like this..

Old school.

It’s no doubt a passing fad. But a nice one while it lasts..


Cartoon monsters. In a logo. Delightful design.

Here it is in all its glory..

New Ziploc logo.

More glam for sandwich bags..

Another 2014 list.

Best fonts this time..

Good question..

The answer is yes. Let us explain why..

Charlie Hebdo continues to resonate.

The cartoonists took over Twitter. Graffiti artists took over the streets..

The Golden Globes.

Some Golden Globes announcer fellah on the Tee Vee leads to commercial with a promise of “some JIFFs” after the break. Twitter freaks out because everyone pronounces it “GIF” with a “G.” Wide-spread mocking ensues. Alas..

Amen brother..


Though there is this..

Always Fiverr I guess. Even though they’re awful.

Go on, check it.

We double dare you..

Speaking of 2014 lists..

Some stunning advertising print work in this one.

Ahm, yeah. About that..

The AIGA‘s position on spec work (things like design contests and what-not) is pretty straightforward. Thou shalt not. Or maybe thou shouldn’t really. In any case, some heads were scratched when this Tweet (now deleted) hit the Twitter:

AIGA tweet

The link in that AIGA logo contest announcement (huh?) went to a page on the Central Pennsylvania chapter’s website that looked like this:
aiga logo design contest

Hoh boy. That wasn’t gonna go over too well with designer types. Especially when they read the fine print:
aiga logo contest rules

A $200 prize. Some tix, a hoodie, a poster and bragging rights about being the designer? Nice. Even better? The contest featured a rights grab. Somebody had to ask..

FIve minutes later, the tweet was gone, the webpage 404’d down the memory hole. Like it never even happened. [Update: Chapter president Tim McKeena has posted a clarification on this in the comments. And now I feel bad for bagging on this so hard.]

Colors, we got your colors..

A handy color palette generator for those amongst us who are color impaired (guilty.) Once you’ve picked ’em, use this color guide to set ’em up right in your logo.

Crazy stats..

And actually quite sad.

Hashtag here. Got yer hashtag…

Designs students still not happy about that Canada 150th logo contest.

Another new logo.

Squiggly job for a museum…

When you lose the guy with your logo tattooed on his face..

Probably time to rethink.


A week after the terrorist attacks against the offices of French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo – our piece here – the magazine was back. Due to the expected demand, print runs were expanded into the hundreds of thousands, but the new issue sold out within minutes of going on sale. Additional print runs were planned (some estimate the total production run will be over 5 million – their usual is around 60K) but in the meantime, copies started hitting online marketplace ebay within minutes. Some of the prices being asked were astonishing. Others put in jacked up bids to derail the auctions, no doubt as protest for sellers making bank off the tragedy.

charlie hebdo on ebay

Pitney Bowes new logo goes around..

And around. And around. And around.

Speaking about design contests..

It ain’t just us.

A whole new slant on ready-made logos..

Planes not included. And yes, that’s a flying sheep.

cyprus airways logo for sale

Some more new logos.

Electrolux streamlines their type. Walgreens globe logo signals a new merger.

new electrolux logo

walgreens boots alliance logo

Is that all there is?

The Boston 2024 Olympics bid logo is. Just is.

A new logo for a British tennis pro.

And let the customary griping begin.

Everything is not quite awesome..

Oscar noms are out. Guess which flick got the shaft?

The Lego Movie

Ah well. There was always this..

And that just about wraps things up for this, our second Snippets of 2015.

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