For designers, displaying images, logos and artwork on a website is a two-edged sword. In order to market design services it’s necessary to show work, but it also makes it easy for people to copy images with a simple right mouse click. Myows is a service that aims to change that by helping you protect your online copyrights, and getting material that has been copied, removed.

When it comes to displaying artwork on the internet, there are two types of designers. Those that have been knocked-off. And those that will be knocked-off. At The Logo Factory, we’ve had a running battle with copycats for years, with copied logos showing up everywhere from local pizzerias to logo design contest submissions and even on the television. Policing our work, and that of our clients, requires a healthy investment of time, effort and is, to be blunt, a pain in the ass. I only wish there was a service like Myows back in the day – it would have saved me a ton of e-mail bickering with would-be plagiarists.

My own works.

Myows, shortened from ‘My Own Works‘ is the brainchild of Chris Human, Dave O’Reilly, Max Guedy and Steve Ferguson, brand strategist, web programmer, web designer and an IP attorney respectively, all of whom had grown tired of rampant content theft and believed that in the digital age there had to be a better way to register a copyright (other methods, the poor man’s copyright for example, don’t work). The group also worked closely with recognized online copyright expert, Plagiarism Today‘s Jonathan Bailey (we featured Jonathan’s trademark, copyright and logo design a couple of weeks ago). While trying to avoid sounding like an ad, here’s some of the tools that Myows makes available to users.
Myows_website-interface* Assists in securing the removal of unauthorized copy(s) of your work on- and off-line.
* Provides access to a growing pool of copyright-related knowledge and resources.
* Helps you keep track of permissions granted and active cases.
* Provides you with deterrence measures including custom warning graphics.
* Lets you store, view and manage your protected works in one place, online.
* Creates valuable evidence of your copyright.
* Presents the opportunity to become part of a global IP-savvy community.
* Proves the exact dates on which you uploaded your files, down to the minute.

If you want to see what others have said about Myows, take a gander at these reviews. If you’re a designer, photographer or a creative that has ‘exposed’ material online, I suggest that you give Myows a whirl. For the time being, it’s free (the company is planning pro accounts any day now). Interesting side note – the Myows logo was designed by the supremely talented Von Glitschka who was kind enough to send us the original sketch of the Myows logo character (below).You can check out more of Von’s work at his website.