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An infrequently updated selection of free logos and vector art from our unused, rejected & otherwise abandoned design files..

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Morgue Files – Free Logos & Vector Art

Morgue Files is an old newspaper and magazine term for unused photography and editorial. Nothing wrong with any of it per se, save it was judged at the time to not be appropriate for publication. These are our Morgue Files. They are, of course, logos. And you can download them for free.

Current Morgue File collection:

The Boat Logo

We’ve added the infamous boat logo to our Morgue Files. Download a free vector version and ride the waves..

Heart Logo

A cartoon treatment of a pair of love hearts. Looking for a Valentine’s flavored logo? This one could be the ticket..

Free Swirly Logo

This castoff design, originally for a networking & IT company and complete with swirly goodness, can be yours. Download away..

Weird Animal Vectors

Zany spot illustrations of a monkey, giraffe, bull, crab, tiger and snake. Use together in a series or as standalone logos..

Free Lion Logo Vector

This linear illustration of a lion is based on a granite statue and features the King of The Jungle in mid roar. Ready for use..

Skull & Crossbones

This skull & crossbones artwork was created for a pirate treasure map desktop & wallpaper design but ditched at the last minute..

Travel Logos In Vector

Concept renders originally intended for a travel agency logo that specialized in tours to the Caribbean..

Horse Head Logo

Beautifully detailed illustrative approach to a horse themed logo, this design wasn’t even presented to the client…

Winged Globe Logo

If you ever wanted to start up an interplanetary battle fleet, suppose this would be the logo you’d have on your sleeve..

Tiger Logo

This rejected tiger was designed for an air conditioning company. Now you can download it regardless of what you do..

World In A Heart Logo

The world needs a heart so we gave it one. Map of the globe inside a hand scribbled heart adds a nice international flair..

Creature Feature Logo

Originally designed as a sign holder for a children’s theme park, this lovable little monster can be yours. The price is right too..

Cog & Gear Globe

What can we say about this Morgue File except it’s a globe filled with cogs and gears. And oh yeah, it’s free to download..

Bodybuilder Gym Logo

This muscle-bound bodybuilder was originally designed for an official bodybuilding contest poster & event..

Ace King Poker Logo

The detail on the King & Ace playing cards is excellent – worth the download alone – as it the general setup of this as a logo..

Puppy Logo

If this little guy doesn’t melt your heart, you might not have one. Usable for a pet shop logo or related enterprise..

Lightbulb Logo

This design for a intellectual property consulting firm was supposed to show that they were an ‘idea’ company..

Casino Logo

Part of a series of  logos and icons for a gaming supply company, this design was supposed to portray a regal theme..

Zoo Logo

This giraffe graphic was originally intended as a sign holder. If you own a zoo, or a safari park, it might be pretty sweet..

Violin Music Logo

What makes a better visual metaphor for music than a violin? This artwork would make a great logo for a related business..

Free Casino DIce Logo

This logo for a casino has everything such designs need – dice, stars, spotlights – and available in three versions..

Winged Eye Graphics

These winged eye graphics were considered too “out there” for a security company. Perfect if you’re in the market though..

Scuba Diving Logo

This nicely rendered pictogram of a scuba diver was originally intended for a dive store, but it’s yours if you want it…

Rose Vector Art

Original designed as part of a flower shop logo concept, this rose logo was unused. So we planted it in our Morgue..

Horse Vector Art

Originally conceived during a logo design project for an Equestrian Ranch, this horse artwork is watercolor like..

Web Links Logo

This logo workup was originally designed for a web networking and search directory service, hence the links..

Radio Tower Logo

Originally developed for a cell-phone and communications company this logo was rejected as being ‘too simple’ & generic..

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Morgue Files

As grim as it may sound, Morgue Files is an old newspaper and magazine term for unused photography and editorial that for one reason or another, never saw the light of day. At our studio we have an extensive archive of unused, rejected and otherwise unused logos. We occasionally release them into the wild as downloadable vector art but unlike most websites promising free logos that aren’t free at all, we actually mean free. No registration. No obligation. Just free.


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Latest Additions

Free logos currently available for download in our Morgue Files:

“This skull & crossbones artwork was created for a pirate treasure map desktop & wallpaper design but was ditched at the last minute as being too realistic for the overall theme. We originally thought about using it as the logo for our Morgue Files itself, but didn’t for the same reason..”

Skull & Crossbones

Avast ye landlubbers. Here’s a free pirate skull..

“This logo was designed for a virtual poker lounge but the project tanked shortly after this design was finalized. We’ve kept the typography intact so if anyone is starting up a casino or poker related business and the name features Ace & King, you’re halfway there..”

Ace King Poker Logo

What else do you need for a poker logo?

“One of the skills required by a decent logo designer is the ability to break complex objects down to simple graphic forms. One of the more complex objects to iconify are flowers in general, roses in specific. Here’s a great simplified graphic depiction of a rose in full bloom, originally created as a concept for a flower shop logo..”

Rose Vector Art

A rose by any other name is still a sweet icon

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