Kan Kan Japan Olympic Logo

Unsolicited logo alternative catches fire on the internet.

Because of course it did. The story so far: Kenjiro Sato, some Japanese designer guy, created a logo for the upcoming 2020 Japan Olympics in Tokyo. Without being too harsh, it was kinda rubbish.

It looked like this:
Japan Tokyo Olympics logoIt was the dog days of summer so not many people even noticed. Everyone else were too polite to point out how badly it sucked, so the announcement was met with a giant “meh.” Then claims of plagiarism were leveled by some Belgian designer guy called Olivier Debie. Not going to rehash – the entire story is here – but it turned out that the Olympic designer guy did rip off some artwork (he copped to that) but not (he claimed) the Olympic logo. That was totally original (he claimed.) I don’t buy the plagiarism angle myself, but you can judge for yourself:
Anyhoo, everyone became generally unhappy about the whole affair – despite IOC steadfast protestations that all is well – and the situation devolved into a case of design schadenfreude, typical it seems, of any major logo announcement. Lawsuits were launched. People fought on Twitter. Couldn’t get any worse though, so there’s that. Hold on, maybe it can.

A new logo enters the ring.

A Japanese graphic designer (and percussionist apparently) called Kan Kan, currently residing in Seville, Spain, designed an alternate logo to the official one. He posted it on his Twitter.

This is the Tweet.

People do this sort of thing all the time, so no big deal, right? Well, as this is an Olympic logo rollout, you know that’s not how it played out. The proposed logo caught on with people all over the Internet. Fast too. At time of writing, the post has been retweeted over 20,000 times. Yep. A two, Followed by four zeros. Never shy about hitching their wagon to the latest internet fad (not us though) the MSM jumped all over it and the unsolicited proposal became almost as famous as the officially sanctioned design. Now, people are demanding that the Japanese Olympic Committee ditch the logo they have and adopt this new one.

Because of course they are.

Via: Design Taxi