Monkeys and copyright, more new logos, unsolicited yet helpful advice for the WWE and some other random stuff from Twitter.

snippets-note-left-SMOur humble shop is quite active on Twitter, doling out regular logo news, views, arcane blather and other pearls of rubbish (if you don’t follow us already, you should. Go now, we’ll wait.) Anyhoo, while it’s cool and all, Twitter feeds tend to be temporary and fleeting with a lot of interesting nuggets getting buried pretty quickly and unloved, rather than getting the attention they might deserve. To that end, I figured putting together a Snippets feature of the more interesting stuff we twattered or bumped into over the course of the last week might work. Could even turn into a regular feature. (Translation: it’s a summer Friday, I shot my bolt on two rather large blog posts this week and this is a low stress way to get something on the blog before the weekend.) Enjoy.

The World Trade Center has a brand new logo.

And it takes a lot of explaining:

From the Simians need better lawyers dept:

If a monkey steals your camera and takes a selfie, who owns the photo copyright – you or the monkey? According to the US Copyright Office, nobody does.

Monkey Self Portrait

So this happened.

And the interwebs went wild.

From the “Who The F**K Do You Think You Are Department:”

In which your humble scribe, very respectfully and with any judgment whatsoever, tells a massively successful, multi-billion dollar sports empire how to fix their stupid logo.

wwe logo fix

They’ve never been the same since Gabriel left anyway.

Cranky, old prog-rockers Genesis breathlessly announced the release of their new logo. In other news, Phil Collins‘ grandkids rearranged their magnetic letters on his fridge.

new genesis logo

99designs’ order form thingamajigs are fun and all.

But I totally defy any designer to interpret these slidy results into a logo.

99designs slider

Speaking of which.

Why would anyone run a design contest site anyway? Well..

Crowdsourcing Meme

Next up: A very good question.

And no correlation with the last two items. None whatsoever. Zip. Nada. Zilch:

So you think you know logos?

Take this little quiz and prove it.

It’s a noble, worthy cause and all..

..but this is quite possibly the worst logo in the history of ever. And yep, it’s real.

not again campaign

On second thought.

The 2008 Hip Hop for HIV design remains The. Worst. Logo. Ever.

worst logo evah

Quote of the week.

Yeah, I actually said this. In public:

Speaking of interpreting logos as peni:

Remember the Dirty Bird logo that everyone flipped out about last week? The remorseful and suitably chagrined owners took the criticism to heart. And launched a T-shirt line.

dirty bird logo T-shirt

From the Department of Leave Well Enough Alone:

There’s some talk about a new logo for Major League Soccer. Pity, I kinda liked this one:

The new one (unconfirmed) is kinda awful.

Not this crap again.

Once again, this ‘fact’ makes the rounds on Twitter

And it’s every bit as untrue as it was the last time they told you.

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