A couple of new logos, Fiverr remains awful times deux, some random Superbowl stuff, happy accidents, Adobe vs. Forever 21, the meaning of branding and no, the lion from the MGM logo did not eat its trainers.

snippets-note-left-SMWe’re trying to stick to some sort of schedule. We really are. Usually try to get to Snippets on Fridays, but a couple of crushing deadlines and some internal stuff sidelined our weekly wrap-up till today. Then a monster snow storm shut down the shop (and most of our town.) Accordingly, here’s the round up of logo and design stuff from the week of January 25, 2015 in our “Better late than never (snowstorm) edition.”


It’s an Apple right?

Though it does represent the biggest company in the history of ever.

Nice stuff

But then again, it is Pentagram..


So you’re thinking of launching a logo design contest? Perhaps you should read our really big logo contest explainer – buyer edition..

A strange kind of magic

And the internet went wild over this…


Next they’ll claim there’s no Santa..

School of Rock logo

Jack Black noticeably absent.

Ahm, yeah.

About that awkward photo from umpteen years ago..

Brand vs. Logo

You’re going to be hearing this a lot this year…

We got yer symbols.

Use them wisely..

Still ticked about that Raptor’s logo?

Here’s some alternatives..

New logos a-go-go

A few brand makeovers drop..

If at first, you don’t succeed..

Yeah, the last Fantastic Four movie was a dud but behold, a new logo.

One of the best.

Iconic logo that’s stood the test of time..

For it. Against it.

Love the idea. Makes life around here a little harder..

Clever stuff

Negative space rocks these designs..

Another logo book?

Because of course there is..

A logo

Shaped like a pancreas..

Russians are not impressed.

Flying bear logo. Lead balloon.

Fiverr remains awful.

Last time this happened, it cost us a fiver.


Can you Fiverr kids please cut it out?

Colors. Colors. Colors.

Speaking about logos and color…

Okay, the little circle represents a sun…

So why are there two of ’em?

Yeah, about that.

And their stupid logo still says 21 Forever, not Forever 21..

OCD is a bitch

We get it. Ask us about the new WWE logo sometime.


Made into a giant metal logo thingy…

Superbowl again..

A logo made out of pot. Why not indeed?

Nope. Nope. Nope.

For the umpteenth time, no. No it didn’t.


Everyone realizes this.


Might as well…


No seriously. Ick.

We love you Katy..

But yeah, it kinda does.

The Columbia Pictures Logo

You were wondering who the lady was? Of course you were..

Now you know.

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