Labor Day weekend version: Rihanna’s new death metal logo confuses head bangers, a fake dick logo does the rounds, a few updates and refreshes, Rio Olympics and yet another public service announcement about design contests.

snippets-note-left-SMThe concept of our Snippets feature was always relatively simple. A weekly wrap-up of logo and design related news – cobbled from our Twitter feed and other sources – that was light on serious and long on humor and snark. Trouble is, while they were originally conceived as a way to get quick-and-dirty content, these puppies ended up taking a long time to assemble and we’ve launched and relaunched many times, usually with an apology of why we haven’t published one in a long time, combined with a promise to make it regular. Which they never seems to become. We’re not even going to bother with that predictable intro this time around, and just get to the wrap-up of recent logo and design themed stuff. When we get to the next one is anybody’s guess..

A public service reminder.

We’ve been relatively quite on logo design contests around here, but that hasn’t stopped them from being a bad idea. Another article that details why..

Spanish football league gets a new logo.

Liga de Fútbol Profesional (LFP for short and Professional Football League in English) is Spain’s national sports association responsible for administering the first and second division leagues. The first division, LaLiga, is home to some of the best soccer clubs in history, including Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid, and F. C. Barcelona. They have a new logo. It is lovely. And yes, it is called football in Europe because you use your feet to kick a ball. Similarly, football in America should be called hand egg.

A dick logo always makes for a good chuckle.

Alas, this one ain’t real. This one, on the other hand, very much is.

Nobody asked.

A bunch of designers take it upon themselves to fix a terrible logo that nobody realized was broken.

Aaaaaand another comic book inspired movie.

And the requisite logo teaser.

From the shameless self-promotion department.

Mention us on the Twitter machine generally leads to a mention in a Snippets post. Not that this is a hint or anything, but hint hint..

The Olympics is done.

So let’s dissect the logo for the umpteenth thousandth time.

That’s Sir Richard Branson to you.

And how they designed the Virgin logo on a napkin.

The Rio Olympics is still over.

But let’s tub-thump the logo some more.

Not sure it’s the best logo ever. But it IS very good..

The logo for HBO‘s Masters of Sex has been around since 2013, hailed as genius at the time, and still gets accolades from designers and fans of such things. What’s less known about the logo is that it was the subject of a spot of controversy a few year back, with some people claiming the logo had been knocked off from French designer Abdallah Ahizoune.

Ribbons in logos.

Wired Magazine spots a new trend with a bunch of logos. Probably as good a time as ever to remind folks that the last three letters of “trend” are “end.” Which all trends do.

Roger Dean gets his due.

UK designer Roger Dean gets the acknowledgment he’s due on a bunch of stamps. Why’s that a big deal on The Logo Factory blog? He just happened to design the Yes logo, one of the best rock logos of all time.

The Columbia Pictures logo.

That torch wielding girl in the Columbia Pictures logo animation from the beginning of their movies is a very real person.

Retro mascot art.

It kinda has to do with logos and stuff. And even if it doesn’t, these retro mascots are the bomb.

More logo crowdsourcing.

And more complaining thereof. Not going to say we told you so, but we definitely told you so.

Knockoff logo.

We’ve done quite a few logos for amateur and semi-professional hockey teams. You’d be amazed at how much logo knockoffery goes on. Like this one..

Sears Canada gets a new logo.

It features a simplified typeface and an outlined Canadian maple leaf. While still keeping brand equity, not much they could have done really, but still kinda meh.

Moving logos.

A cool little animation that’s worth a few seconds of your life.

Metal logos.

Metal logos are supposed to be almost indecipherable and these don’t disappoint. If you want to learn more about this very specialized and disciplined art form, check out Lord of the Logos (on David Airey‘s always excellent Logo Design Love blog) for a look at the work of Belgian designer Christophe Szpajdel (we know you want to ask, so it’s pronounced “shpydel”) the undisputed master.

Jurassic Park art.

Recognized as one of the best movie logos of all time, a look at behind the scenes of how the art for Spielberg’s dino-thriller came to be.

Speaking of metal logos..

Rihanna’s new logo confused a lot of head bangers..

Doesn’t anyone pay for design these days?

Even the Military Industrial Complex with their bottomless pit of taxpayer funds..

Tough crowd..

Though this World Cup of Hockey logo is kinda dreadful..

Not sure what this says..

But they seem to be pimping our Logo Design Contest Explainer to their sizable Spanish speaking Twitter audience so why the hell not..