Medical Logos

Medical Logos

Design for medical services, healthcare & fitness companies

Marks and identities created for medical, medicine and healthcare related businesses must walk a fairly thin line – often the subject matter of the design can be extremely serious, if not downright Med Cards Medical Logosomber, and requires a sensitive approach throughout the logo design process. Sometimes medical logos risk becoming visually cliched (the client often desires entwined snakes – known as a caduceus – hearts, ekg lines or other often used themes) and if such an image is to be incorporated, it’s up to the designer to tackle a potentially overused approach in a hopefully original manner. Here’s some common logos to avoid.

A wide range of disciplines – medical logos for marketing & advertising

Logos for the medical industry encompass a wide range of disciplines – over the years we’ve developed corporate identities for physicians, dentists, chiropractors, nursing agencies and even a design for an otolaryngology clinic (a medical specialty involving ear, throat, eye and neck disorders.) virgina-plastic-surgery-logoEach project had to be well thoroughly researched before hand – our designers need to come to terms with the specialty involved, the goals of the client, and the target market. Material for any medical logo is generally on the conservative side – it’s critical that identities for healthcare companies respect the end user – and it’s unusual that any resultant identities end up with a whimsical, brash or cartoon solution (though there are exceptions.)

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