The Ides of March: A bevy of new logos, an important anniversary & other random stuff, mostly to do with logos, but sometimes not.

In this March edition of Logo Go Round we take a look back over the last month, some notable logo releases, articles and random nonsense that we found interesting.
Logo Go Round News There’s a mess of new logo announcements, a couple of important birthdays, a little bit of mayhem and some stuff I like because it just is. The design up top? That’s the new logo for the Penn Dixie Paleontological & Outdoor Education Center in Buffalo, also known as the Hamburg Fossil Quarry, who now want to be called the Penn Dixie Fossil Park & Nature Reserve. “We’re retaining ‘Penn Dixie’ and aligning our branding more closely with our primary asset, our fossil park,” Hamburg Natural History Society Executive Director Phil Stokes tells us. “Plus, ‘fossil park’ is a lot easier to say than ‘paleontological center’, and I’m a geologist.” Gerald Burkett, a high school volunteer, created preliminary logo concepts while researching other fossil parks in the U.S., and Jim Bitten of 44CommunicationDesign refined the design. The brown thing in the top right? That’s a fossil known as a Trilobite. I know that because I researched the hell out of them when doing a paper in high school and they’re my favorite fossil. Which is why this logo spoke to me. And why it’s big at the top of the page. Anyhoo..

Ontario Soccer announces a new logo.

It is lovely.

At least according to this guy.

Adobe Illustrator is 30 years old.

Now if they would only bring back my paint bucket that would be brillo!

You designer kids don’t know how lucky you have it..

Us older fellas remember the golden age of Letraset and burnishers, Letraline (and the hell the acetate carriers did to halftones), Bainbridge board, Rubylith etc with a mix of fondness and terror.

New documentary.

Maybe throw a few shekels their way.

Somebody around here’s been taking pictures again.

And feels the need to share them with Twitter.

Will someone please away his iphone?

History of the Audi logo?

Oh yes please. In video too..

How the cookie crumbles.

Their logo anyways..

Villagers & pitchforks.

Some UK designers opine that this “you paid HOW MUCH for that logo?!!!” public freakout over every logo is getting out of hand.

Old school logos.

Ruling pens and illustration board. The good old days before Illustrator & Macintosh were invented.

The Worm!

Yes, they call this the worm. The other one’s called ‘the meatball.’ Which only proves NASA may be great at landing satellites on asteroids a million miles away, they’re severely lacking in the “coming up with names for logos” department.


Now this speaks to me. Big fan of Aphex here.

Now you want and done it.

We just read that designers are so over this kind of thing.

Don’t know if this is actually a thing.

But who cares if it isn’t. It’s tres cool that it even might be.

Pantone colors.

More importantly SPRING Pantone colors. Spring!

International Woman’s Day.

What better way to celebrate than to acknowledge women’s contribution to the design industry and history.


That sure is a purdy logo.

Dinosaur park gets a new name and logo.

For the record this spiny thing is a trilobite. What’s a trilobite? Glad you asked. They are a fossil group of extinct marine arachnomorph arthropods that form the class Trilobita. Trilobites form one of the earliest known groups of arthropods. And now you know.

Captain Scarlett turns 50.

A favorite TV show from Gerry & Sylvia Anderson, filmed of course, in Supermarionation (puppets with strings.)

Captain Scarlett may not be as recognizable or famous as the Anderson’s other series, Thunderbirds, of which your humble scribe has been a lifelong fan. To wit:


Always up for a good bit of logo history.

Retro Muscia Obscurio.

Yeah, that’s not really latin. But this is a sweet quiz from The Beeb on bands and logos. Speaking of quizzes.

Now this is planning ahead..

The thing doesn’t even exist yet but it already has a logo.

Pretty much.

The lengths we’ll go to explain how we get there, so afraid of admitting design sometimes happens by accident.

Can’t agree more.

And FWIW, here’s the Apple logo story.

It is indeed.

A pretty sweet logo.

So are these.

A logo a day tho? Keener.

Because why not?

Pretty great stuff tho.

My how things have changed.

From Grateful Dead to Corporate and Uptight in a few short decades.

Around the corner from our studio.

Outrage meter holding at mildly non-plussed for the time being.


Still laughing at this weeks later.

Flat design is a ‘trend’.

The last three letters is ‘end.’ So you can’t be all whiny when this stuff happens.

Bunch of logos.

As this is supposed to be a blog about logos, here they are.

Hidden meanings in logos.

Always thought the Hyundai logo was shit. That’s why I ripped if off the front and ass end of my Genesis and replaced them with some sweet aftermarket badges that were made by Genesis enthusiasts similarly not impressed with the two blokes shaking hands.


The bicycle bicentennial to be exact. Of course it needs a logo. With wheels. From a bicycle.

Logo parody.

This never gets old.

Worst logos of all time?

We can think of three off the top.

Logo doppelgangers.

There’s nothing original under the sun anymore.

New logo.

It’s nice too.


Make up a logo for a famous brand. Get half the internet arguing about it. I’d prefer to buy the WWF logo for a couple of bucks from some random website.


Yes, this logo redesign is very bright.

A red star in your logo?

Probably not a good idea. If you’re in Hungary. Ask the guys at Heineken.

Couldn’t agree more.

Think every designer is down with the sentiment.

Indeed it is. Imagine trying to find an old logo when your network looks like this..

Different treatment here.

Simple and to the point.

Logo pictures or GTFO you say?

We got your pictures. In the newspaper even.

How many times people?

How. Many. Times?

Iconic logos.

As in the length of time they’ve been around, not because they have icons in them.

Japanese logo styles.

Unique and interesting.

Say what?

So you want me to design a logo every day for your website? Doesn’t sound like a content generation scheme at all.

Another super-hero something or another.

And another new logo.

Toronto Wolf Pack.

Sweet retro mark.

As a matter of fact..

I did not know that.

At least nobody’s losing their minds..

Like they did in Vancouver. Yet.

The Nintendo Logo

And all it’s glorious iterations.

Right on both counts.

Pointless. And brilliant.

Fire up the torches & pitchforks.

Another sport team move to riff with parody logos.

Alternate Universe Playstation logo.

How it might’ve looked.

This chap..

Sure looks like he knows what he’s talking about. Oh wait..

Scientific proof..

That a well thought out logo doesn’t win elections.

Book publishers.

And the evolution of their famous brand marks.

Another lovely logo from Canadians.

This time, Volleyball Canada trots out a stylish rework.

It’s called ‘The Flying Elvis’.

Because that’s literally Elvis in the logo.

Might want to have a word with the Toronto wolf pack.

Cross promotion or some such. The logos are similar enough.

And with that we draw March to a close (with very few scrapes and bruises) and as we ring in April, a look back at our first, best (and last) April Fool’s Day prank.

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