Another “make the logo bigger” video – this time from Adobe Marketing Cloud – and a magic button that every designer of logos needs..

Not exactly a new notion, but a decent take on an old one. Currently doing the rounds on social media – this video from Adobe Marketing Cloud. High production values for such a short throwaway, but certainly worth a looksee (and post of its own.) “Make the logo bigger” is a well worn meme and has been the subject of derision among graphic designers for years.

Why, it has its own 70s rock anthem..

There’s a Chrome extension (short video)

There’s even a “make the logo bigger” creme (!) Look, I get it. The logo isn’t everything (heresy!) and but a part of an overall brand, blah, blah, blabbidly blah, blah.

Make the logo pop!

I’ve never been opposed to making the logo bigger, cause logos are kinda my thing and I happen to like ’em big. My point of contention has always been the corollary, “make the logo pop!” a far too frequent request at our shop.

Save coming up with something like this..
make-the-logo-pop-button..a actual magic button that would, in fact, make a logo “pop,” I still have no idea what it means.