Reports about the demise of Hewlett Packard’s Logoworks may have been a tad premature. The design company is back up and running again, under new management.

Less than a year ago I told you about HP shutting down Logoworks and judging by the comments on that piece, designers seemed pretty happy about the notion.

Now it seems plans have changed (sad faces all around.)

Apparently, the (formerly?) Utah-based company is open for business again, this time under new management. According to the Small Biz Trends website, Logoworks has been bought up by New York based growth equity firm Oldslip. The purchase of Logoworks from HP included the technology, trademark, and domain name, though a spokesman wouldn’t divulge the purchase price. At present, the remnants of Logoworks are..

“a handful of employees and a dozen or so external designers.”

But Oldslips plan to..

“grow it back to its former glory, bit by bit.”

Former glory you say? Also according to the piece linked:

“Wolfson recognizes that Logoworks‘ design community and internal team were its competitive advantages over other design services like 99designs. That’s why he’s going to great lengths to bring previous Logoworks employees back.”

and this:

“Logoworks had a phenomenal culture, and we’re trying to put that back together.”

Old customers of Logoworks who didn’t manage to get into the site before HP pulled the plug? Tough titty:

“Many former Logoworks customers have asked whether their previous files are still available. Unfortunately, the files were not made accessible through the acquisition, but Wolfson says they have a special offer for previous customers looking to recreate previous files.”

Hope these cats didn’t pay too much dough-ray-me for a name, a domain, the email addys of a few dozen freelancers and zero customer IP. Anyhoo, file this under non-plussed, though should we start the countdown clock to when these guys throw their hat into the crowdsourcing ring, just like 99designs, the folks they’re totally trying not to be like?

I keed (not really.)