Dazzling cinematic ode to corporate brand logos gets an Academy Award nomination for best short..

Movie after the jump. Logorama, a stunning film by French collective H5 (filmmakers Francois Alaux, Herve de Crecy and Ludovic Houplain), is a violent, profane, action-packed caper set in a world comprised entirely of well-known corporate logos and mascots. A satirical look at how pervasive corporate imagery has become in today’s society, the 17 minute flick features a gun-toting Ronald McDonald (yes, that Ronald McDonald) who goes on a shooting spree on a street festooned with 7-Elevens, U-Hauls, Wal-Marts and Pizza Huts while the Michelin Men are featured as bumbling, foul-mouthed cops on his trail.
logorama-ronald-mcdonald-big-boyThe film reads like a copyright lawyer’s wet dream, yet according to the filmmakers, they haven’t heard from any of the corporations whose logos and trademarked characters are included. So far, the movie (showcased at last year’s Sundance Festival) hasn’t garnered a large audience but that’s about to change. The film was nominated for an Oscar (in the short film category) this morning, and a lot of folks are now furiously Googling Logorama to find out what the buzz is all about. Here’s the movie itself..

Logorama is sometimes available on YouTube, but the video version has repeatedly been taken down as a result of (irony alert) copyright claims by the film makers. I managed to find a couple of active clips, so here’s a look at Logorama in two parts (as long as they remain available, I suppose). Before you click on the play buttons please note this language warning – with a generous helping of cuss words, this is decidedly Not Safe For Work.


Logorama YouTube links have been disabled. I’ve added another version. And it’s just as NSFW as the other one.

Logorama: The Movie

Here’s a fun exercise. See if you can identify the number of corporate logos and mascots included (you’ll lose your mind trying). Personally, I loved the Pringle‘s dude as a truck driver, and the MSN butterflies in the opening frames. For more on Logorama, you can visit the film’s official website. There’s also an interesting behind-the-scenes interview over at Creativity Online.

Update 2:

Sunday, March 7, 2010. Logorama won the Oscar for best animated short film. Congrats to all involved.