Logopalooza 4 cover

The fourth edition of Logopalooza – our current pet project – is currently available for download. We call it our Easter Bunny edition.

Logo Go Round NewsHard to believe a month has already passed by since we wrapped L3 and uploaded it to the site, but here we are, a few hours after L4 got put to bed. More of the same – examples from our shop, some interesting logo trivia, news, case studies and a few technical bits and pieces. If you want to take a peel now, here’s what the edition looks like, courtesy of one of those ISSU thingamajigs (you can pop it out to full-screen if you’re so inclined):

This issue isn’t as tight as the last one, there’s a few pages out of sequence and the colors – originally meant give an Easter bunny vibe – ended up being a little duller than we had originally planned. But it’s done, and as there’s another one we need to start pretty much now, no time for a do-over.

It is what it is.

If you want to delve deeper, you can download your own copy here (no sign up required.) We’ve left Logopalooza 3 on that page for the time being as well, but at some point we’re going to have to scroll back issues off the page due to server load. We’re currently aiming for May 6 as the release date for L5 (but I’m in Vegas for the week beforehand, which may throw a wrench into that plan.) At some point we’re going to start notifying our grow list of subscribers about these things when they come, so if you want to get that email, subscribe here.