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The used, abused and overused boat logo gets entered into yet another logo design contest

boat logo originalThe few regular readers of our blog will know that we’ve had a running battle with logo contests and the repeated inclusion of our Euro Yacht boat logo (left) into any contest to do with water, boats and marinas. Happens so much, it’s a bit of a running joke around the studio and the subject of many a blog post (but a worthwhile lesson on the truth about logo design contests and the risk of creative crowdsourcing). We even added the design to a page that illustrates all this in our copycats section, ironically where people are now lifting the image from. Well, it’s happened again, this time our little boat icon finding it’s way into a $200 logo design contest on Logosauce (they hold design contests too?!!) One small change – this iteration is decked out in Stars and Stripes glory. Spiffy.

boat logo logosauce

Luckily (for the contest holder) this one was caught out in the comment thread before we had to write the usual “hey, you may not know this but…” e-mail.

boat logo comment

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