There are nineteen (19) examples on this page that I managed to find on the Stock Art website (LEFT) using simple, but obvious keywords that were suggested by the designs featured on Logo Pond (RIGHT). ALL images on Stock Art are listed as being copyright 2009, even though some have first copyright date of 1997.
Logo Pond didn't exist until June 2006. FWIW, I have NO connections with any of the individuals and/or companies involved.










Other images


(above) Logo that was removed from Logo Pond gallery late tonight, but still available in Google image cache

The following are from the designer in question's Elance portfolio. The'pop-up' windows are from various establsihed illustrators on Stock Art who also have extensive portfolios and established reputations outside of Stock Art.









Below you'll find a small sampling of the reasons that I needed to take a closer look at the controversy.
I think it's best that all these well-intentioned people get some more of the story before clamoring for the closure of Stock Art and ripping off hate mail to people who may only be trying to protect the property of designers they represent.

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