Take our rock band logo design quiz and see how your knowledge stacks up. Answers, scoring & loads of trivia after the quiz.

Kiss logo BW 1/10: Only one of the following statements about the Kiss logo is true.

Emerson Lake & Palmer logo 2/10: H. R. Giger, designer of the Emerson Lake & Palmer logo is also credited with creating...

Mystery logo 1 3/10: Identify the band that belongs to this mystery logo.

Muse logo 4/10: Identify the font used in the Muse logo.

Mystery logo 4 5/10: What USA based band uses this simple asterisk as their logo?

mystery logo 3 6/10: What British prog rock band used this phoenix as part of their logo?

Mystery logo 5 7/10: By wearing this T-shirt, you'd be showing allegiance to which US based band?

Nine Inch Nails logo 8/10:There's something seriously wrong with this Nine Inch Nails logo. What is it?

Mystery logo 6 9/10: This happy little fellah has been used as a logo for what 'grunge' band?

The Beatles logo 10/10: The Beatles logo was designed by:

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