The computer world is abuzz about the latest release from AppleIntel based machines that run up to 5 times faster than their earlier Power PC models. Software that can run on both Apple machines are referred to as ‘Universal‘ applications (lucky for us slow-to-adapt Mac heads, Apple decided not to scuttle the older platform – yet). To identify ‘Universal’ applications, Apple has added this icon to their already expansive catalog of nifty icons and company logos.

Based on the Ying-Yang symbol, the new logo will identity software apps that are designed to run natively on both the new Intel machines, as well as the older Power PC models. I generally like the concept, but the text portion is a little weak for my tastes. Then again, I’m not the commander of a multi-billion computer company. The logo also replaces the old ‘happy Mac’ icon that many of us have grown to love over the years…

The design also adapts the photo-realistic ‘gel’ treatment that Apple pioneered a few years ago (and has now been beat to death by every software manufacturer on the Internet) to make it more part of the Apple design ‘family’. This ‘news’ is a few weeks old, but it’s still fairly interesting stuff.

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