Amid claims of plagiarism, Thailand has stopped using its logo for the World Expo 2020 bid.

Yet another logo. Yet another controversy. This time, it’s the design for Thailand’s 2020 World Expo bid which has been dropped, at least for the time being, amid claims that it’s a knock-off from the design currently used by Brasil Telecom. According to the Bangkok Post, “The Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), which will represent Thailand in proposing a formal bid for hosting the expo in Ayutthaya in 2020, has launched an investigation into the case and will meet with the logo and mascot selection committee tomorrow to discuss the matter.”

The logo flap doesn’t leave event organizers with much time, as a new design (if required) will have to be selected by next month. Course, the fact that the Expo logo was the winner of a design contest may be of interest to people opposed to logo design contests in general and more anti-crowdsourcing grist for the mill.

Personally, I don’t think the logo is enough of a knock-off to harp about, the similarity is but an unhappy coincidence and yet another example of how difficult it’s becoming to design logos that haven’t been dreamt up before. Your thoughts?

Update: The logo has now been changed.

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