Steve Douglas on April 23rd, 2010

Take our first logo design challenge quiz and see how your knowledge stacks up. Answers & scoring after the 10 question quiz.

Nike Swoosh logo How much did Nike pay for their famous swoosh logo?

Name the Google font Name the Google logo font.

Identify the 'mystery logo'.

Hewlett packard logo In 2007, Hewlett Packard bought which logo design company?

i love new york logo Who designed the famous I Love New York logo?

yamaha logo The Yamaha logo icon (missing from above) features 3 _________________ in a circle?

apple logo The very first Apple Computer logo did NOT feature _______________________?

Rolling Stone Logo The famous Rolling Stones lips logo was inspired by whose lips?

Mystery Logo 2 Identify the company that uses this icon as part of their logo.

Red Cross Logo What is The Red Cross logo based on?




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15 Comments to “So you think you know logos?”

  1. cyrus says:

    excellent logo services

  2. rebo says:

    excellent quiz, got six right…

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  4. Great little quiz – shame on me though: 5/10

  5. Don’t feel bad, Steve, I knew I would fail miserably, I just took the quiz for fun. 3/10 for me….

  6. Interestingly, I got 7/10. Two of them were flukes..

  7. Insanemoe says:

    I got 4/10 , there were 2-3 hard ones.

  8. I got 7/10 and I’m only 14 :D

  9. Rajasekhar says:

    I beleive the swiss flag was not the inspiration. It actually started from the crusades right??

  10. mj lang says:

    ≈Ok, The interesting Rolling Stones logo back story was new 2 me. Also, for such a mac freak: I can’t believe I hadn’t seen the 1st logo for them. Seems 2 be the polar opposite of the identity now…:^)

  11. adtyas says:

    best quiz, more experience for me..

  12. Kat says:

    8/10 yeah!
    I was also surprised by the answer for the red cross – something in the back of my mind said it may have come from the templar knights…?

  13. [...] So you think you know your logos? – I scored 4 from 10 – you’re bound to beat that! quiz time [...]

  14. Andre Yong says:

    10/10 – Shame I had to ask the entire Angsana Team for help on 50% of the questions ;)