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Snippets post-it noteLove ‘m or hate ‘em , don’t think there’s a designer around that hasn’t heard about 99designs, named for the supposed average number of entries that a contest holder gets submitted to their contests. Well, as this crowdsourcing racket is all about the numbers, what’s better than 99designs? I suppose 110 designs would be better. Though I guess it was only a matter of time (cue clown graphic)

brandstack logoI’m somewhat loathe to write about this or that company going out of business, lest I appear to be gloating (and taking a ‘there but the grace of God go I’ position) so I let others write about the recent demise of Brandstack, the marketplace for pre-fab company logos, domains and what have you. Some were kinder than others in their write-ups about the closure, which supposedly involved a whack of credit card fraud, designers getting left out of pocket (Brandstack handled the purchasing end of the deal, took a cut and handed off the funds to the original designer) and the usual sadness that accompanies such a story. Designers were given until December 1 to remove their logos before the Brandstack website would be shuttered forever. Hours before the deadline, a new announcement was posted on the BS home page, outlining a deal under which Brandstack was to be ‘aquired’ by an as-of-yet unnamed company, the designers that were owed money would all be paid off, and that the future was once again rosey in Brandstackville. Yay. I suppose…

mgm lion shutterstockWasn’t too long ago that we were (once again) illustrating why buying a logo template (including ones from those flashy do-it-yourself logo generators) is a very bad idea for any logo design project. Over at Logo Design Love, David Airey outlines how the MGM Grand Hotel logo lion was available (now removed) for a measly $29 bucks from stock photography site Shutterstock. Oddly, David received a threat from the MGM legal team regarding his use of the logo in his blog post (before cooler heads prevailed and the, ahm, misunderstanding was sorted out). Though it does make you wonder what’ll happen to the people who already paid for, and downloaded, the verboten lion? Even though the terms of service of most stock imagery sites forbids the use of any of their stock images as logos, can’t help but imagine that there are a few lion-themed logos knocking about somewhere.




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4 Comments to “Snippets: The 10% better than 99designs, more stock logo shenanigans and the strange story of Brandstack edition”

  1. Leon says:

    One rises, one falls. I hope these crowdsourcing sites all bite the dust, but since there are always cheapos out there, guess that’s just a pipe dream. Love the clown graphic! LOL!

  2. josey jasen says:

    It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of sunihsne.

  3. Paul Murray says:

    If their copy was something a long the lines of “Get a shit logo for a price you can’t moan at” then I wouldn’t have so much of a problem with these contest and DIY sites, but it’s when they’re claiming to offer professional design at ridiculous prices.

    Frankly it’s false advertising, misleading, and misrepresentation. But hey, you can’t prove something’s professional or not so I guess we’re stuck.

    I’ve spent the past two days trying to convince someone that you simply can’t get a professional logo designed for £50 simply because the huge amount of work involved in creating one doesn’t make it worthwhile. His argument was that just because a logo design is cheaper than my ‘overpriced’ designs, it’s not necessarily rubbish.

    Talking him through a typical design process fell on deaf ears since he couldn’t think with anything besides his wallet.

  4. Hilywatson says:

    That true I am completely agree with Paul concern to this….

    Thanks a lot for this.