Steve Douglas on December 29th, 2008

Penguin logo

One of the greatest kicks any designer can get is when they see their work being utilized in a really (in this instance, pun intended) cool way. Trouble is, dealing with many clients remotely via the internet, many times we create the company logo, pass off the design to the client and lose touch as the years go on. Thankfully, clients often send us ‘thought you’d like to see’ e-mails with photographs of their logos in use.

Kona Ice Cream truck featuring penguin logo

Take this penguin logo for Kona Ice for example (thanks Tony) – as featured on the company’s shaved ice trucks, and done up as a great vehicle wrap. Pretty sweet and kinda makes the point that we’ve been saying all along about illustrative logos and their application as character logo driven graphics being an effective way to build a brand. In terms of the company itself, you can learn more about Kona Ice at their website and see how their brand is really coming together nicely.

Logo design on truck - version 2 penguin

All of this got me thinking – wouldn’t it be nice to run a semi-regular features on logos we’ve developed and their use? Not just on websites, but in ‘different’ applications like the truck featured here. Accordingly, if you’re a previous client of The Logo Factory, and you have some photos of the logos we developed for you being used in a cool way, give us a shout and we’ll feature them in an upcoming post on The Factor. Give you a nice little plug too…




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