People are totally not going to be able to tell the difference from TV network FXX and ExxonMobil’s logos. The proof? Someone said it on the internet.

Scraps between companies over similar (and sometimes not so similar) logos aren’t anything new. Happens all the time, but occasionally, there’s a dust-up that I find interesting. This one for example.

Seems ExxonMobil has filed suit against 20th Century Fox asserting that their newly-launched FXX network is using a logo that too closely resembles the Exxon interlocked ‘X’s. One of their claims is that the logo sows “marketplace confusion.” Sure thing. Cause every new Tee Vee network, especially a comedy-centric one like FXX, wants to be associated with a big oil and gas company. In fact, the biggest oil and gas company.

According to Variety, ExxonMobil is claiming that the new logo “makes it look as if FXX is affiliated with Exxon.” Their proof? As part of the suit, the oil company submitted screen captures and quotes from several websites where folks were kvetching about the new design. On page 8 of its complaint, ExxonMobil cites their internet postings:

A comment on by user GungHo copying the FXX logo from a previous post and asking, “Were they inspired by the Exxon logo?”
A comment on by user The Enchanted Goatee, stating “It looks like a misprinted Exxon logo. ”
A comment on from user JT_Kirk who says, ”That FXX logo has to go, that is awful on a plate,” adding “Exxon is going to be pissed.”
A comment on from user lee4hmz, asking, “[W]ho thought it was a good idea to rip off Exxon?”

Cause you know, if you read it on the interwebs, it has to be true. As could be predicted, FXX sez that the complaint is total codswallop: “We are confident that viewers won’t tune into FXX looking for gas or motor oil and drivers won’t pull up to an Exxon pump station expecting to get It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia,” a rep for the company said in a statement emailed to the Deadline website.

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