CMYK - America's Top Graphic Designer

Had to happen sometime I suppose – a reality show based around graphic designers, more specifically the selection of America’s top graphic designer. No word on a CMYK broadcast date, but the setup is your typical contest show – seven graphic designers will be selected via tryouts across the USA and the show judges will turf a designer (I supose one per show) until the last designer standing can call themselves America’s top graphic designer. As per the CMYK website:

Do you possess exceptional creativity? Can you develop and execute concepts pushing the creativity dial? Do you have what it takes to be America’s Top Graphic Designer?

C.M.Y.K. America’s Top Graphic Designer is seeking graphic designers that think have fresh ideas using traditional and new technology, and can handle anything from a logo design, to a layout for a high-end magazine full of text, to a podcast, and on to designing that billboard you see as you travel through your city.

The elimination round will choose seven graphic designers from across America to compete in “C.M.Y.K. – America’s Top Graphic Designer” – the new, hip, unscripted reality series.

Guest judges will include creative directors from design firms, magazines, newspapers, corporations, colleges, production companies, printing firms, and music/film celebrities, and the general public.

The winning graphic designer will receive $50,000 in cash/prizes, and will launch a new chapter in their career with sponsors of the show as their clients.

Judging is already underway, having started in Atlanta back in November. Upcoming sites include Florida, Texas, Illinois, New York and California. Think you’ve got the stuff? You can read about all the details here. Everything sounds interesting and all, but the show logo (above) needs a little bit of work.

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