Just putting the finishing touches to our 2008 Logo Design Wrap-up (which we’ll be trotting out starting New Years’ Day) and our design year in review (New Years’ Eve) but seems we’re a little behind the curve. The interwebs are already abuzz with the Top Design This-or-that Lists of 2008 so we figured we’d give dole out an end-of-year linkorama to some that we’ve found interesting.

Best of Yanko Design 2008
International online design magazine features their best picks of 2008 – industrial design, concepts, technology, interior design, architecture, exhibition and fashion.

2008 Web Design Trends

Beautiful collection of web design showing design trends that showed up in 2008 and will probably remain with us throughout 2009.

Vector Diary’s 30 best illustrator tutorials of 2008
A compilation of best tutorials and articles published during the year 2008.

Logo design trends of 2008
Logo Lounge‘s Bill Gardiner takes a look at the common design themes and treatments that popped up in logos over the past year.

Best design lists of 2008
A list of the best 2008 design lists. Enough examples and inspiration to keep a designer busy for weeks.

25 Fantastic Design Articles of 2008
Logo Design Love‘s David Airey offers up reader-selected design article picks – practical design business tips, inspiration interviews and more.

Brand New – Best and Worst of 2008
Under Consideration‘s picks and pans featuring the best and worst of 2008 brand do-overs, makeovers and relaunches.

The Ultimate List of Logo Design Resources
Exactly what the link sez. Just Creative Design gives us dozens of hand-picked inspirational logo themed resources and web destinations.

15 Amazing Logos of 2008
While this isn’t technically a 2008 wrap-up, it’s a pretty neat feature with some visually clever logos. I’ve also been trying to find a way to fit the post in since September and now seems as good a time as any.

20 Inspirational Logos
Another ‘best logos’ list features some unorthodox design solutions as eye candy.

54 Handpicked Logos
A best-of-the-best list of creative logos hand-picked from design forum Logopond.

25 Exciting Redesigned Logos of 2008

Some of the major logo re-designs of the year. Some great, some not so much, but all notable for one reason or another.

This is nowhere near the penultimate list of design things 2008, so feel free to add your own in the comment section.

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