New Stanley Cup 125th Anniversary logo, Whirlpool loses the whirlpool but keeps the swoosh, some designers would like everyone to stop bitching about the cost of logos and a trippy government drug squad logo.

Logo Go Round newsIf everything goes according to plan (do they ever?) Logo Go Round is going to be a regular feature of The Logo! Factor blog in which we take a rip through news of the day as it relates to logos, grabbing bits from Twitter, the media and wherever interesting pearls happen to show up. This isn’t really a new thing but more a reformatting of our previous long-running Snippets feature with a fancy new logo and everything. We’ll try and make it more regular than before, but history has taught us not to get too ambitious with promising things, especially anything resembling a schedule for a blog.

New Jerusalem logo.

The Israeli Times covers the unveiling of the logo for the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem under Israeli rule: a gold and white ‘50’ stylized using elements of the Jerusalem flag and a tagline aimed at “countering efforts distort the Jewish connection to Jerusalem.”

From the horse’s mouth.

The NASA round logo has a name apparently..

We always preferred this one anyways..

History of the Starbucks logo.

In which Ronald Holden, a contributor at, discusses the creation and evolution of the Starbucks mermaid logo and muses on why perhaps the original logo – a fierce looking sketch sprung from old illustrations of mermaids the pages of Moby Dick – ended up where it did: “a stylized princess with a crown”

More on the new City of Vancouver logo debacle.

The editorial board for the Vancouver Sun proposes that less isn’t always more and perhaps the whole Vancouver logo-gate mess could have been avoided in the first place by appreciating the old City logo for what it was, the love that went into the design and what it said about the City of Vancouver. Also included: a frank discussion about the importance of public opinion – especially where expensive projects are involved.

Don’t know if this is true..

But it’s as cool as shit nonetheless.

It’s very swishy.

The India Blooms news service covers Whirlpool’s brand expansion and the unveiling of a new logo designed to emphasize what Whirlpool is about: “appliances that boast of quality, integrity and innovation. The new logo reinforces the idea of being intrinsically simple yet modern and elegant” which can be seen in the new logo which has done away with the whirl above the ‘W’.

Who doesn’t love a logo quiz?

The BBC has you covered..

125th Stanley Cup Anniversary logo.

In which reports on the first reveal of the Stanley Cup 125th Anniversary logo, which was tweeted out by the official Ottawa Senators twitter notes that there is no word just yet on how the logo will be showcased during the 2017-18 season, but the only other time the Cup was celebrated with a special anniversary logo was during the 1993 centennial and it had been featured on all team jerseys.

He’s not wrong.

The old man had an opinion on the Twitter machine..

A not so subtle plug.

Just a reminder that Logopalooza 3 is doing the rounds. You can still download a free copy here.

Who has time for this branding nonsense?

Meanwhile, over in the UK, Rachael Bletchly of The Mirror, condemns ‘health bosses’ for the time spent on re-thinking the NHS logo and the subsequent roll out of new brand guidelines – especially now, as the NHS is “enduring one of the greatest financial crisis of its history.” As it’s broken down, there is a health care system in dire straights – too few nurses, doctors and beds for patients, operations are being cancelled and four out of five hospitals are unsafe while “Identity Managers” (quotes added from source) have spent thousands hours only to conclude that current signage may lead to patient confusion, forcing already cash strapped hospitals to switch over their branding to meet new guidelines.


On the other hand, Digital Arts sees this as yet another outcry over public sector branding fueled by rumor and the fundamental misunderstanding of what goes into these types of projects, the effort and thought behind them and why they’re important .

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