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#JeSuisCharlie #CharlieHebdo As the news of the terrorist attack in Paris hit the news, it seemed like free speech was under attack and artists were murdered just for being artists.

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Fiverr continues to be awful. Doubles down.

Disruption is supposed to be an upending of the old guard by introducing a different method of doing things via revolutionary change, as opposed to evolutionary change – faster, cheaper with less headaches. No industry is immune and the disruption of the design world started some time ago, bringing us finally and ultimately to Fiverr and the so-called “gig economy.”

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Battling Blue Jay logos

The Toronto Blue Jays take issue with Creighton University’s trademark application for their Blue Jays logo. The two logos are definitely similar, but does Toronto have a trademark case?

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New City of Mississauga logo

With Mississauga approaching its 40th birthday, the city decided it was time for a new logo and brand. Rolled out a few weeks ago, the design has received mostly positive reviews, while others compared it to Melbourne’s logo and a paper clip.

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Snippets: Videos and spec work lessons..

When dealing with the rise of spec-work-fueled crowdsourcing and logo design contest sites, many designers instinctually know that spec-work is bad news for everybody involved (except, perhaps, the companies who skim a percentage of the design contest…

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2016 Rio Paralympic games logo

The 2016 Paralympic Games held in Rio, Brazil debuts its multi-sensory logo created by Tátil, a Brazilian design agency. The innovative logo is designed in full 3D, offering accessibility to everyone, regardless of a disability.

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Human rights logo

After four months and a global online campaign that netted 15,000 submissions, Serbian designer Predrag Stakic has been announced as the winner of a design competition to find a logo for human rights.

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Snippets: Facepalms all around edition..

An innovative logo gets stuck, a shameless (but belated) plug, a crowdsourced logo contest causes an uproar and two others go awry. Innovative logo gets stuck When the Smithsonian Institute unveiled their new Department of Innovation blog and representative logo,…

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“How a supposedly uniting logo – to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary – kicked off a firestorm of protestation, internet skirmishes and a whole lot of jostling for attention. And let’s not mention those $40K focus groups…”

Canada 150 logo fiasco

Branding Canada's 150th goes from bad to worse

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“The Canadian city of Vancouver announced their spiffy new logo to a collective “meh.” Only when the $8000 price tag became public did the Internet have its way with the logo and everyone involved…”

City of Vancouver $8000 logo

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