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Mar 13, 2017 edition

New Stanley Cup 125th Anniversary logo, Whirlpool loses the whirlpool but keeps the swoosh, some designers would like everyone to stop bitching about the cost of logos and a trippy government drug squad logo..

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Relaunch of Logopalooza Vol. 3

It’s been a long time coming but we’ve finally got around to relaunching Logopalooza – our digital magazine celebrating the art of brand and logo design. Download your free copy here & let’s see where it goes.

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Some housecleaning announcements and notes on some upcoming changes at the blog. We update a old design news feature, roll out some new logos for it and announce a schedule that we probably won’t keep.

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Wrapping up September Snippets

A logo design death match resulting in the “best logo of all time,” some new hockey logos, a little project at the shop that tuned out just so, some remarkable old school logos and a stunningly awful one that’s making the news again for being kinda racist. Some happy news about Amy.

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New client design preview area

Just a quick announcement from the shop. After what seems like an eternity, we can finally announce the launch of our new Factory Floor client preview area. It’s up, it’s running and it’s available through our fancy new web address..

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Our very best logos. Top 20 at 20.

2016 represents our anniversary – the 20th year since we first launched The Logo Factory from a kitchen table way back in 1996. To mark this nifty milestone, we’ve begun the difficult task of selecting the 20 very best logos from our history.

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20 years of logos & design

It’s seems hard to believe but 2016 marks The Logo Factory’s 20th year of producing logos and brand identities via our online studio. A quick look back at our humble beginnings, some highs, some lows and plans for the upcoming year.

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Snippets: Logos in the news

New Planet of the Apes, Fantastic Beasts & Doctor Strange logos, Star Wars emblem gets mistaken for terrorist logo, T-Mobile would like your magenta, designer of Ghostbusters logo passes, the marketing of pot and more.

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Building a brand. Case study for jabberr

Case study on building a brand for jabber, an upcoming internal project. Visual step-by-step covers everything from coming up with a name (when almost everything is taken) and the logo design process with all the bumps, hiccups and missteps you usually don’t get to see.

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Resurrecting an old(ish) brand

Designing logos is kinda our thing and we tend to create them for everything we do. This time however, and rather than creating a new logo from scratch, we’re going to resurrect something we designed years ago. It involved clients, designers and sparkplugs.

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And we’re off

Our new site – version 9.0 if you’re keeping track – is now 100% live. Here’s the official announcement, the reasons behind it and the lessons we learned along the way.

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It’s On

Well, we went and changed our site again. Naturally, that means some hinkies, broken links and probably some glorious typos. Don’t judge us.

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“How a supposedly uniting logo – to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary – kicked off a firestorm of protestation, internet skirmishes and a whole lot of jostling for attention. And let’s not mention those $40K focus groups…”

Canada 150 logo fiasco

Branding Canada's 150th goes from bad to worse

“It’s been a long time coming but we’ve finally got around to relaunching Logopalooza – our digital magazine celebrating the art of brand and logo design. Download your free copy here & let’s see where it goes…”

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Free digital magazine about logos

“The Canadian city of Vancouver announced their spiffy new logo to a collective “meh.” Only when the $8000 price tag became public did the Internet have its way with the logo and everyone involved…”

City of Vancouver $8000 logo

It's on. It's being argued about. It's off

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