Or, the perils of do-it-yourself logo generators. Continued.

Couple of days back, I wrote about buying the WWF Panda logo (for a paltry $69.00) from do-it-yourself logo design site Logo Garden. It was a short and light-hearted ‘take the piss’ post, written to demonstrate the very-real risks of purchasing a logo from these DIY logo sites, especially if you’re an entrepreneur who may not be well versed in logos and intellectual property to begin with.jeff-fisher-design-on-logo-gardenTurns out the WWF panda was but the tip of a very big iceberg, with designers finding all sorts of images that appeared to have been lifted from their portfolios (most seem to track back to portfolio site Logo Lounge) and put up for offer as templates on the Logo Garden site. To whit – designer Jeff Fisher writes about various instances of his work being cribbed, repackaged and offered for sale (above is but one example). Over at Rock Paper Ink, and without mincing too many words, Bill Gardner calls out the LogoGarden.com site with Love Thy Logo – charlatan, huckster, moron and thief. Logo Lounge has more.

The inevitable walk-back..

Now, and after various nasty-grams, DMCA take down notices and a whole bunch of Twitter outrage, Logo Garden are quietly removing some of the more high-profile designers’ work from their site and database of pre-designed icons. Point still remains. Even at $69.00, these do-it-yourself flash logo generators are a very risky proposition indeed. Unless you want to buy Max Headroom as your logo for sixty-nine bucks.

max headroom on sale logo garden

Then you’re good to go.