The Guide to Great Logos

The essential handbook to getting a logo designed.

Guide to Great Logos

The Guide To Great Logos is not your typical logo design book. Rather than
simply showcase designers’ work (though it does that too) this book takes a
logo buyer through the entire logo design process, from start to finish,
doling out a myriad of tips and pointers throughout the way. The Guide
looks at some of the ways to get a logo designed, selecting a logo designer
and working through the various stages it takes to develop a great logo. We
also offer up a wealth of technical knowledge – perfect for the logo do-it-yourselfer
- that will allow you to use your new logo once it’s been created.

Chapter List

Introduction 5

The Guide. 51

Protecting your logo. 161

Using your new logo. 168

Changing your logo.
Logo design file formats. 178

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