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Logopalooza 3 - Logo design and Flash animation

Logopalooza 2 – Logo design &
Flash animation

NEW! Logopalooza 2. A two minute and eleven second showcase of some of our work. Includes logos and a few Flash animations tossed in for good measure.
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File formats explained. Or why you shouldn't design a logo in Photoshop

Logo design formats – Vectors & Pixels

Logo design formats explained. Video graphically illustrates the advantages of vector-based artwork over its pixel-based (raster) based counterpart and illustrates why you should (almost) never design a logo in Photoshop.
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Logopalooza: 350 logos in just over three minutes

Logopalooza! 2008: Logo design demo reel

A sampling of design work from The Logo Factory®. Fast paced video features 350 logos in just over 3 minutes. TLF produced soundtrack is also available as an MP3 download.
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