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Logo design tutorials tips & techniques from the gang at our studio. Hacks and insider advice on designing great for designers & clients alike. Effective colors, file formatting and more. From The Logo! Factor design blog.

Beginner’s guide to logo colors & spaces. RGB vs. CMYK

Understanding logos, digital & analog colors. If you’re a marketing or design do-it-yourselfer, or working with a designer on a logo for the first time, you’re going to hear a lot of technical terms and seemingly complex concepts surrounding your logo colors. Here’s a simple (yet thorough) guide, in layperson’s terms, to what it all means..

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Bad designer. No donut.

A logo may look great in preview mode on a monitor, but what’s lurking under the hood should give you pause. We take a look at some common technical issues with your digital logo assets.

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Design Tutorials

A series of professional design tips, techniques, technical info & self help for the budding designer or do-it-yourself business owner who wants to brand their own company. Updated regularly from The Logo! Factor design blog. See our Design Help Center for more step-by-step suggestions for building a brand.

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“Distressed vintage retro style logos are a pretty popular addition to your arsenal of branding & marketing tricks. Not for every application and certainly not suitable for every logo, but worthwhile if it’s a fit. Here’s one that was….”

Distressted logos

Creating a vintage distressed T-shirt logo

“Having a vector version of your logo is an absolute must, but what if you only have a small, bitmap version? Just run it through Adobe Illustrators “image trace” right? Not really, cause image trace kinda sucks for converting logos to vector art…”

Converting a logo to vector

Comparing Image Trace to manual vectorization

“When it comes to selecting a color for a logo, in fact an entire brand, there are many factors to consider. Let’s take a look at most of them, basic color theory and psychology, some pseudoscience and technical considerations. A crash course in picking the best logo colors…”

Power Colors

Crash course in color theory


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