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Logo design tutorials tips & techniques from the gang at our studio. Hacks and insider advice on designing great for designers & clients alike. Effective colors, file formatting and more. From The Logo! Factor design blog.

What logo image file to use where

Common logo questions a majority of business owners new to branding efforts have go something like this: What files do I give my printer? What formats do I use on a website? Without getting into too much detail, we’re going to tell you what goes where.

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Logo Design Road Maps

A complete soups-to-nuts logo design how-to from our archives. Everything you need to know about starting and finishing a logo design project – from selecting the type of logo for your market, to selecting typography, colors & taglines, it’s all here.

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Your logo on a transparent background

Having your logo sit on a website colored background (or a photograph) is relatively easy, as long as you have access to the correct formats. Why trying to remove backgrounds from JPGs leads to lousy results and why you should always start with vector versions of your design.

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Common questions about using logo files

When design clients receive an array of brand assets – logo files in various formats – their usage and application can be quite confusing. Many technical guides on our site, and around the web are jargon rich, far too complicated for the casual user. Accordingly, here are the most common questions we get asked about using logo files – answered in plain terms.

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The Logo Studio

The Logo Studio, an upcoming pet project, will be a designer-centric site that will take you behind the scenes and offer up design, business and marketing tips. And like any project from our shop, this one needed a story-telling logo. This is that story.

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Logos & the psychology of color

Part 2: In this second installment of our our crash course in picking the best logo colors, we take a look at the psychology of color, what they mean and how to build your brand around the right one. We also delve into color pairing with various combinations based on solid color theory.

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Using your logo on social media

Making your social media presence known. A DIY tutorial on using your logo on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In and Instagram. What files to use, how to adapt logos and how to build a social media brand system.

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What logo files do I use for..

When you take delivery of your new logo, chances are you’ll receive a lot of various files and formats. Which file goes where? What logo files should you use for letterheads, business cards, social media & websites, even if you’re using Word or Office? Here’s a quick & dirty format guide for the DIY entrepreneur and bootstrapping startup.

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Prepping logo art for blade cutting & vinyl plotters

It’s always nice to have a logo that looks “nice” but it’s stuff under the hood that makes it work. Often invisible to clients, unless they have the appropriate software, how a logo is setup is just as important as the design itself. How to prep digital assets for blade cutting with vinyl plotters.

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Converting a logo to vector

Having a vector version of your logo is an absolute must, but what if you only have a small, bitmap version? Just run it through Adobe Illustrators “image trace” right? Not really, cause image trace kinda sucks for converting logos to vector art..

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Logo design & happy accidents

Not all design projects end up as planned & some great logos happen quite by accident. In this case study, we take a look at how a logo that was supposed to feature cherry blossoms ended up combining The Washington Monument & jet planes to make a great brand for a law firm.

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Do logos still need to work in black & white?

We originally titled this feature 50 Shades of Grey even though, shameless hucksterism and bandwagon jumping aside, this post isn’t about the movie that bears the name. Nope, it’s about your logo in black, single colors and everything you need to know. It may well involve grey. And a whole bunch of shades that are technically tints..

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Design Tutorials

A series of professional design tips, techniques, technical info & self help for the budding designer or do-it-yourself business owner who wants to brand their own company. Updated regularly from The Logo! Factor design blog. See our Design Help Center for more step-by-step suggestions for building a brand.

Inside The Logo Studio

The Logo Studio

The Logo Studio features ongoing design tips, advice and insider hacks culled from designers at The Logo Factory. Read about it here.


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Distressted logos

Creating a vintage distressed T-shirt logo

“Having a vector version of your logo is an absolute must, but what if you only have a small, bitmap version? Just run it through Adobe Illustrators “image trace” right? Not really, cause image trace kinda sucks for converting logos to vector art…”

Converting a logo to vector

Comparing Image Trace to manual vectorization

“When it comes to selecting a color for a logo, in fact an entire brand, there are many factors to consider. Let’s take a look at most of them, basic color theory and psychology, some pseudoscience and technical considerations. A crash course in picking the best logo colors…”

Power Colors

Crash course in color theory

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