So You Think You Know Logos?

Logo trivia and lesser known facts. A somewhat infrequently updated series that takes you behind the scenes of famous logos, the design process & the people who made them. From The Logo! Factor design blog.

Peace symbol turns 50

he universal logo for peace celebrates an important anniversary. Fifty years as being the design of choice for peace movements around the world. Some history and opinion. Guest blog and history.

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So You Think You Know Logos?

Trivia and lesser known facts about some famous logos. The back stories, evolution, and people responsible for some of the most iconoclastic marks in history. Some lesser known ones too. From The Logo! Factor design blog.

Logo design trivia


Currently hot in So You Think You Know Logos?:

“How well do you know the Adidas and Mr. Yuk logos? What does the Peace Symbol mean? Who tried to lay claim to the Smiley Face logo (and failed.) What is the Recycling Symbol based on? Take the quiz to see if you’re a Logo Noob or Logo Master..”

Logo Oddities Quiz

Famous logos, strange things

“A stunningly simple text logo represents Brit alt band Muse. We’ll also take a look at some odd similarities between the Muse debut EP cover and Terry Gilliam’s 1995 sci-fi flick, Twelve Monkeys…”

Muse logo

Chicken or the egg?

“Hidden logo treasures: There’s an arrow in the FedEx logo, a dancing bear in the Toblerone logo, a smiling face in the Goodwill logo & a bunch of J people in Joomla…”

Hidden things in logos

Can you find them?


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