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Logo Design Examples

A great logo is the cornerstone of your company brand. Take a look at some of the brands and logos our studio has built for clients just like you.

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Even in this digital age, well-designed business cards & letterheads remain invaluable brand foot soliders. Here’s what our studio has created for clients..

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Graphic Design

Your logo is a pivotal part of your brand but it isn’t the entire picture. Your “look & feel” means everything else. Our full studio portfolio.

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Logo design studio specializing in branding & identity

The Logo Factory is a design studio that designs logos and branded identity artwork. Submit your logo project online and work with our in-house studio designers without ever leaving your desk.

History Of Our Studio

The Logo Factory design studio has been developing logos and brand identities since 1996. Learn more about our story..

Logo Design Services

Logo design has always been a core focus of our studio. Read how our process works and how we can work with you..

Logo Design Gallery

Fresh from our studio portfolio. Brand identity artwork examples and case studies. Filter by logo type and color setup..

Logo Design FAQ

Have some questions about logos or branding? Here’s some of the most common our studio has been asked over the years….

How Our Design Studio Works

Here’s what you can expect when you work with our shop. Our branding & logo development process, laid out step-by-step..

Design Buyers Guide

Even if you don’t work with our studio, The Logo! Factor for buyers will help you navigate the design marketplace..

Information about company logos, design & branding:

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Listen to our design podcast The Logo! Factor which tackles logo and design themed subjects, issues & news.

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Our regularly updated design blog features the latest logo design news, advice, opinions, tutorials, freebies and more.

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Our library of design & branding resources. Articles & features on technical specs, logo types & copyright..

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Lovingly built by hand in The Logo Factory studio.
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A categorized portfolio of company logos and related identity artwork. Everything in our galleries was produced in-studio by our design team. Be sure to check back once in a while – we frequently update our galleries with new case studies and logos fresh from our studio.

Our studio brands

How much does our design studio believe in the power of a great brand identity? Apparently, quite a lot. Take a look at what we did when it came to branding our own studio internal projects and merchandise.

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Direct from our studio. The latest in tutorials and help guides

“A logo should depict your company personality – serious. Whimsical. Cutting-edge. Friendly. Fast. Cheap. Your logo needs to graphically portray the essence of your company. This is your “brand.” A mismatch can be disastrous.

A logo doesn’t have to portray what you do – it’s often better to have a design that doesn’t depict your company functions literally or absolutely. Abstract and symbolic logos are much more adaptable, flexible and interesting.

Your logo is for your audience – sure, it’s important that you “like” your logo but this is a secondary importance. It must appeal to the customers and clients you’re trying to attract. Your branding is for them.”

25 Steps To A Great Logo

Design tips from our studio

More branding and identity articles can be found in our Design Help Center

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