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Bottom line – it doesn’t matter where you are. You can submit your new logo project, work with The Logo Factory® designers in our client only Factory Floor area, and download your finalized logo files – all without ever leaving your desk! Why should you select our company to develop your new logo? Good question. Selecting a logo designer isn’t as easy task. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of design companies plying their trade on the Internet and locally to you. We invite you to explore other options before deciding to work with The Logo Factory. Take your time and compare other company’s logo design examples, pricing, professionalism and creativity to ours, but beware of The McLogo Effect or sock puppet websites, unfortunate by-products of marketing online logo services. Take some time to explore our web site, especially our logo design portfolio – the heart of what we do and see how we can work with you on your new brand development. If you decide to work with us, here’s how our design process worksIB

Adventure logo concepts

Step 1: Submit your new project

Once you have decided to utilize TLF for the creation of your new corporate logo, we’ve made it simple to submit your project. Use our online submission form to send us details and initial payment. For assistance, you can speak live with our client support department TOLL FREE at 1-866-891-9704 (905.LOGO.747) outside The US and Canada) 10 – 6 EST, Mon. to Fri. You can also contact us through our website or send us a Fax order form. Our submission methods allow you to send us your client brief, the beginnings of your new logo, right to our design department where it will be assigned to one of our talented logo designers. Your designer will take this information (and any other info that you’d like to share) and work up a series of preliminary designs.

Third eye capital logo color selections

Step 2: Login to The Factory Floor

Depending on the logo design package that you’ve selected, your preliminary logo designs will be ready for viewing in 24 hours (Platinum Rush Package) or 3, 5 or 7 business days (Gold, Professional or Entry Level packages). To view these designs simply login to our Factory Floor, a client only ‘work in progress’ area to view the new material.

Step 3: Revise and edit your new logo

Once you’ve viewed your preliminary designs as a ‘starting point’, you can continue through the design process, working with your designer, revising and editing your logo until it’s completed to your satisfaction (and based on the number of revisions included in your selected package). While revising your logo on The Factory Floor, you can also access our extensive library of technical information, assembled by top professionals in the field with one purpose in mind – to maximize the way that you can use your new logo in various graphic design services. We’ll show you how to avoid common, yet costly, mistakes when it comes to reproduction as well as shortcuts to implement your logo right away using common office software.

Logo design process with final selection

Step 4: Finalize your new logo and download your files

After you have completed the design rounds of Step Three, you will be the proud owner of your brand new logo. You’ll be anxious to start using your new corporate identity right away, so at this point you can finalize your project (through our secure payment forms) and your designer will begin prepping all the formats that are included in the package you have selected. You’ll receive editable .EPS vector files, web files (.GIF, .JPG, .PNG) and specially formatted files for use in most Microsoft office software. See our logo help center and logo tutorial library for further information on files that you’ll receive and how they can be used effectively.

Restaurant logo examples

Step 5: Download your new logo files from your Factory Floor page

Rather than waiting for the completion of all your design material, at this point you can download your new files from our web site and begin using your logo design right away. You designer will begin preparing to develop any add-on graphic design material included in your package and send you worksheets for any additional information required (ie: contact info for stationery design, business cards and letterheads) .

Step 6: Work on your add-on and included design material

Many of our design packages feature add-on design features, such as stationery design (available as an upgrade under our PLUS logo packages) and web ‘beauty shots’. After you have finalized your new logo, you can now work with your designer on these projects, all on the Factory Floor, and without leaving your monitor. The design process is identical to your logo design – log in, view material and then suggest revisions. We’ll supply you with project-specific work sheets so the design of your add-on and extra features is as streamlined as possible. This is also true if you decide to utilize The Logo Factory to build your corporate identity through Flash Animation and Brochure Design projects.

Logo design pricing

Our logo design packages start at $395.00.
See here for a full description of pricing, packages and design options.

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