The Missile Defense Agency ‘Logogate’ conspiracy goes mainstream on CNN & FOX..

Behold the unspooling madness:
obama-missle-defence-logo-fox-newsLet’s recap. Couple of days ago, we told you about the internet flap about the Missile Defense Agency logo, in which conservative blogs found an Islamic crescent, (or stripes from the Barack Obama campaign logo) on an obscure National Defense website and staged a collective freakout and internet rageathon. Some even claimed that the MDA design cribbed the Iranian Space Agency’s logo too. You thought this thing was over? Hardly.

the-stupid-it-burnsBloody thing’s gone mainstream now. Fox News is now referring to this as ‘Logogate“. Yeah, totally like Watergate, only with a logo. That’s not actually a logo.

Slipping on the tin-foil hat, CNN is now looking into the issue too. All the while some poor sap at the Missile Defense Agency has to keep telling people it ain’t a logo, was designed under the George W. Bush Administration (back in 2007, before the introduction of the Obama campaign logo) and doesn’t feature a crescent.

In fact, the design was picked because – in a rare case of government watching the spendatude – it was cheaper to reproduce than other presented designs. Liberal-leaning TV host Rachel Maddow gives a great account of this nonsense in the MSNBC video upstairs.

If you’re in a rush, we can always take a look at the comic book version of how Logogate – A Vast Logo Conspiracy, took shape…: