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The toy industry, rather than the ‘warm and fuzzy’ preconception characterized by Gepetto and Willy Wonka, is actually a cutthroat and fiercely competitive business. Competition for toy store shelf space is fierce, and today’s million units toy is tomorrow’s bargain bin special. Generally, a toy company will want killer logos for their toys – as well as their companies – as that will be the art that makes or breaks the toy packaging. Often, we find ourselves creating a logo for a particular toy months before it is manufactured. The logo is utilized on sell sheets and mock-ups which are used to create ‘buzz’ on a new toy product. Naturally, the logo design has to appeal to kids. However, many designers forget that the logo is to appeal to the parents, often the people making the purchase. A logo design for a toy needs to be adaptable (we’ve seen some of our toy logos on 20 foot trade show banners), colorful and somehow illustrate the them of the particular company (i.e.: educational, electronic, etc.). If the logo is used for the toy itself, it somehow should illustrate what it is that the toy does, and to this end, often features the toy itself.

logopalooza 2 demo

Logopalooza! 2010/2011: Logo design & Flash animation demo reel

Logopalooza 2. A two minute and eleven second showcase of some of our logo design and Flash logo animation work. TLF produced soundtrack is also available as an MP3 download.
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