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Case Studies

Behind the scenes of some of our more interesting logo design projects. Alternate versions, design timelines and project notes.

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Logo Design Examples

Our site is frequently updated with fresh examples of our design work. All the logos you’ll view in our galleries and portfolios are examples of actual branding projects, designed in our studio, for people just like you.

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Featured Logos

At TLF, we view logo design as art. How our logo examples are supposed to showcased – full size, full color and in all their glory.

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More logo design examples & case studies:

Graphic Design Portfolio

Examples of logo design, stationery, infographics, brochures and more. Presented in an easy to view thumbnail gallery

Logo Animation Theatre

We make logos move too! Examples of logo animations and intro movies. Features 3D presentations, spinning logos & more..

Logo Design Gallery

Examples of logo design projects developed in our shop. Iconic, illustrative, typographic logos – they’re all there..

Logo Repair Examples

Sometimes you don’t need a completely new logo. You just need your old one fixed up. Examples of logo repair projects..

Examples & Case Studies

Go behind the scenes of logo examples from our gallery. The design thought process, creative timelines & alternate versions..

Stationery Design Examples

Letterheads and business cards are an integral part of any brand. Some projects from our studio that included stationery design..

Information about logos, design & branding:

Design Podcasts

Listen to our design podcast The Logo! Factor which tackles logo and design themed subjects, issues & news.

Our Studio Blog

Our regularly updated design blog features the latest logo design news, advice, opinions, tutorials, freebies and more.

Design Help

Our library of design & branding resources. Articles & features on technical specs, logo types & copyright..

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