Logo Design Contest Game

Designing free logos on contest sites for fame & fortune. Theirs.

To play this game all you need is some talent, some pretty expensive software, an internet connection, endless patience, an ability to spend oodles of time working for free, a thick skin, maybe a degree in design or art from some snooty college or university and a portfolio of previous design work so that (yay!) Contest Holders can invite you to their contests. Phew! A decent knowledge of digital media, print prep and other arty stuff wouldn’t hurt either.

In other words – ANYONE can play!

Logo Design Contest Game

Download a full size version (1200px x 4084px)

Any similarities between The Logo Design Contest Game and real, actual crowdsourcing platforms is purely intentional. We won’t tell you who it is though and we have 99 reasons for that. Not a hundred.

Ninety nine.