A Logo Design Contest Explainer

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This illustrated 15 page PDF download examines the realities of logo design contests from a contest holder point of view. In it you’ll find:

✓ The types of logo contests.
✓ The ethics of crowdsourcing & spec (speculative) work.
✓ The mechanics of logo design contests.
✓ The time investment factor.
✓ The “100% money back guarantee” that maybe isn’t 100%.
✓ How effective are design contest Non-Disclosure agreements?
✓ Meet your contestants.
✓ Plagiarism and design contests.
✓ How to stop copycats from winning.
✓ Check your deliverables.

Download Link. A companion manual to our How Design Contests Work infographic.

Example pages:

Design Contest Explainer page sample
Design Contest Explainer sample page
Design Contest Explainer sample
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