A look at logo, design & branding happenings, announcements and oddities for the first month of 2017.

snippets-note-left-SMIt’s been a while since we posted anything on the blog – it’s been a very busy month at the shop – so we figured this was a pretty good time for a January wrap-up Snippets – another edition of our on again, off again, regular and then not-so-regular synopsis of happenings and goings on in the design world. This time around we’ll take a look at a mess of logo roll outs, a couple of branding freak outs, when the Internet trolled the new LA Chargers logo, whether the Trump Hotel logo features a hidden swastika (hint: it isn’t actually the Trump Hotel logo so no) and various bits and pieces (to keep current on logo & design news, follow us on Twitter). Ready? Let’s get to it..

Behind the names in famous logos.

We’ve taken many a “behind the scenes” look at popular logos and the design process that built them. What about the names that the logos are designed to represent?

The feature we meant to do but didn’t.

We were trying to write one of these as 2016 came to an end (but didn’t) and maybe we still might (and back date it so nobody notices) but in the meantime..

We know you were asking.

Everyone’s always been curious about how the Lithuanian tourism board branded themselves. So here ya go..

Fake logo.

But pretty sweet nonetheless.

New Spider-Man logo.

No Saturday-Night-Fever-Finger-Guns-Strut this time please..

Is this true?

No idea but it’s interesting if it is. Probably a So You Think You Know Logos feature in the future to find out.

Anniversary logo.

Nikon celebrates fifty years of making insanely expensive cameras..

New soccer logo.

You can change a logo while remaining true to your roots.

New WWF logo.

Not gonna snark on this one like we did the last time. You’d be surprised how seriously wrestling fans take their logos.

Our first logo freak out of the year..

When the San Diego Chargers football team officially became the Los Angeles Chargers football team, they attempted to roll out a new logo. As is often the case, the Internet wasn’t having any of it and the typical “your logo sucks!” meltdown ensued.

Aaaand the walk back.

Turns out the logo either wasn’t real, or somebody had second thoughts due to the backlash. In any case..

OCD is really a thing.

Clients often wonder why there’s a lot of pixel pushing when it comes to designing logos. This explains a lot of it..

And we have our second logo freak out of the year.

Italian soccer team Juventus F.C. rolled out their new logo mid way through January. Collective freak out in 3.. 2.. 1..

New Mozilla logo.

For their new brand, and in the spirit of open source, Mozilla held themselves a logo design contest. As much as we detest these things, the clever new design isn’t bad at all..

But WHAT does it mean?!!!

New Star Wars movie logo is released. It uses the same old Star Wars logo. It is red. Everyone loses their minds..

New logo.

This brand rollout features a very clever type treatment (probably a good time to drop a reminder of our logos & typography infographic)

New Black Panther logo.

Yet another comic book hero adaption. Yet another logo announcement.

Took them a while.

We wrote about this Ontario 150 logo roll out back in September when it was quietly released via Twitter on a Friday afternoon. Now that people have figured out the cost, they’ve decided to lose their collective marbles.

New Star Trek logo.

In all its shiny, glossy metallic goodness.

And another.

Video game Final Fantasy is 30 years old.

Did President Trump reveal a Swastika logo for his hotels?

No. No he didn’t.

The swastika-like “Trump Logo” was created by Mark Fox and Angie Wang of “Design Is Play” and was one of the winners of Communication Art’s 7th Annual Typography Contest.

Speaking of type and logos..

The literal opposite of the regular articles that tell you what fonts pair nicely..

And with that, we draw our January 2017 to a close. For regular updates on logos, design and related topics, feel free to look us up on Twitter.

Our Snippets are a semi-regular feature of The Logo! Factor blog that features newsy nuggets, pearls of wisdom and snarky asides pulled from Twitter, Facebook, the news and wherever else we can find ’em. We keep promising that this will be a regular thing, but it never seems to work out that way.