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In this regularly updated area, we’ll feature everything you’ll need to know about the logo design process and how to use your new company identity effectively. Our design articles are featured in a logical progression, starting with the reasons you require a logo, to things you should look for in a design firm, followed by a detailed explanation of file formats and reproduction terms you’ll be dealing with throughout the development of your brand. In subsequent updates, we’ll be adding design tips, do’s and don’ts, some nifty company logo ideas as well as what to do with your new identity artwork once it’s completed. We’ll also fill you in on the sometimes confusing principles of Copyright and Trademarks so that you can protect your new image. For information on file formats and other do-it-yourself material, you can also visit our design help center. For ongoing discussion, news and views, check out our studio blog. See our logo design tutorial & resources library for technical information.

Featured articles

The truth about crowdsourcing

The latest gimmick in the design world is ‘crowdsourcing’, a glorified version of the design contest. What’s all the hubbub about? We take a look at the truth about crowdsourcing.

Who needs a logo?

Does EVERY company or business undertaking require a logo? Or are there instances when a logo is too much ‘bang’? We take a look at the purpose of a logo and its application to your business venture with who needs a logo?

Logo design contests

Are logo contests and their newly repackaged cousin ‘crowdsourcing’ an effective way for the small business owner to have a logo developed? Or are designers correct when they tell us that design contests short-circuit the designer and client relationship, and deliver sub-par identities? We look at our own experiences with logo design contests.

What’s a logo worth?

Well, ain’t that the $64,000 question. Is a logo worth hundreds, or thousands of dollars? Can we even put a dollar value on something that will represent your company for (hopefully) its lifetime? We take an look at the worth of a logo.