Logo Animation FAQ

Logo Animation FAQ

Have some questions about our logo animation services? Here are some of the more frequent ones we get asked at the shop. Click the + button to expand answers. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact our studio. You can also check out our Logo Design FAQ, Stationery Design FAQ and our Logo Repair FAQ for more information.

I've heard that Flash animations won't run on phones. Is this true?

Yes. Flash animations won’t run on certain phones and tablets (Apple iPhones and iPads) due to Apple’s lack of plugin support. Flash animations will run on other devices, most desktop computers, laptops, etc. This isn’t generally an issue – we script animations as HTML5 code (doesn’t require any plugin and will run on all devices) though these files can be significantly larger than the original Flash. We can also add what’s known as a “sniffer” code – that’s a script at the top of your web page that detects what kind of device is viewing the page, and serve up the appropriate version. GIF animations will run on any device, but the file sizes can be large if the the image size is large. It is the nature of the internet to be “responsive” so using an animation on your website requires flexibility in the coding end. For further information, contact our studio, or you can read more about HTML5 animation conversion here.

What’s the difference between a Logo Lick and Advanced Animation?

logo-lick-animationA Logo Lick is just that – a simple, but dynamic animation of your logo that is designed as a stand alone movie. This means that it can be used just about anywhere on a website or as a screensaver. Generally speaking, a Logo Lick doesn’t include other graphic items other than your original logo. Logo Licks do not include sound (we also want to keep the file size down and sound can increase the download time of any animation significantly.) Logo Licks generally don’t contain advanced animation techniques like motion blurs, or sequences where our designers will have to draw or create a large number of frames in order to animate an object. Logo Licks do not include buttons or any other form of interactivity. While Logo Licks can be developed into a 3D logo movie, this would only apply to fairly simple logos that do not require a large amount of 3D modelling. Advanced Animations can include all the previously mentioned items – motion blurs, buttons, sound, etc. If you require clarification on your particular project. feel free to contact us to discuss which option is best for your project.

What does The Logo Factory need from me to get started?

If we’re going to animate your logo, we’ll need a copy of that, in vector format (AI, EPS.) See our Logo Design Help Center for information on file formats that we can work with. If your logo was designed by TLF, we’ll already have a vector based version on file, so there’s no worries. If you only have a bitmap version of your logo, or a pre-printed version, we’ll have to perform a logo repair before starting production. This is NOT included with any logo animation project.

Will The Logo Factory work with logos designed by someone else?

Of course. We’ll work with any logo, regardless of who designed it. We’re more comfortable working with company logos that we’ve designed because we know they have been developed in the correct formats. We also can consult with the designer about any technical issues that may arise. If we’re going to animate logos from an outside source, they have to be supplied to our our studio in the correct formats. These formats are industry standard, so you should already have them available and if not, you shouldn’t encounter any issues getting them from your logo designer. As long as your logo is in a vector based file format (AI, EPS) and is not ‘extruded’ we should be able to work with it without any problems. If your logo is only available as a pixel based file format, we will first have to perform a logo repair on the material you’ve supplied.

Can you create an animation if I don’t have a logo?

Generally speaking, yes, though we’d probably advise against it. As our specialty is animating logos, as well as building a ‘look and feel’ that is consistent with your branding, you won’t be getting the full benefit of our experience. Besides, anyone looking to invest in an animation should already have a logo, and if not, should probably wait until such times as they do before spending the time and money on something that will probably have to be reworked down the road.

What if I want music in my animation. Can I use a song from any CD?

While music can – under certain conditions – be a nice addition to an animation, there are certain restraints that you should be aware of. You cannot use music taken from a commercial CD as this would almost certainly be copyright infringement. The Logo Factory can assist you with music selection with our music library and/or music licensed for such use. We can even compose small music loops if required. Having said all that, we also advise clients to be wary of adding music to their animation – especially for Logo Licks – as it increases file size, and relative download speed, significantly. Also, if you’re appealing to certain markets (other business people for example) via the Internet, they may not have speakers installed on their computers, or if they do, have them turned off. In this case,be adding sound to your animation and increasing the download time for a very limited part of your audience. Auto-start can also be jarring to some, so proceed with caution.

How long does an amimation project take?

That’s a very difficult question to answer as every animation project is unique in approach, technique and time required. As a rule, we like to complete animation projects between 1 – 3 weeks after submission though some projects (especially advanced projects) may take longer due to the complexity and work involved. For any scheduling concerns, contact us for clarification and assistance.

What types of material do I receive?

Once we’ve finalized your project you’ll receive the web ready animation file (SWF) as well as the Flash source file (FLA) should you, or another graphic design firm, wish to edit the movie at a later date. We’ll also send you HTML5 source code (for devices that are Flash plugin restricted) and a GIF animation of your logo animation. There may also be support files – photos, sound, etc – that may also be supplied depending on licensing issues and/or copyright restraints.

What software do you use and can I edit my files myself later?

We use Adobe Flash for most of our animation projects. 3D animations are modelled in various 3D modelling software and imported into Flash for editing. If you own this software you can certainly edit the source files that you’ll be getting from The Logo Factory. There may, however, be some font and compatibility issues and a fairly extensive knowledge of the program is advised before attempting to edit any of our materials. Should you wish further edits in the future, you can always submit an hourly billable project and we’ll take care of it for you.

Can a logo animation be converted to video use?

Generally speaking – yes, we can convert animations into video. HD as well. There are some technical issues that may require some reformatting of the original animation files, and these may incur some additional charges. Logo animations can also be converted for use on video upload websites such as YouTube and Vimeo. It’s always best if we start any animation project with these applications in mind, so we can set up our source files accordingly, from the beginning of the project. As such, you should tell our client support at the onset if this is what you require.

Can logo animations be added to my website or blog?

Yes. Adding animations to a website is simply a matter of adding an image (GIF animations) or some code (Flash, iframe and HTML5 source code) to your server. To run HTML5 animations you may require some code changes to your site (and we recommend a particular iframe plugin for best practices.) For more information on technical issues, contact our studio.

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