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Sports Logos – Scuba Dive World diving and watersports.

When creating any sports themed logo design, a designer has to first do a little research, especially if the logo is to consist of an icon, graphic of someone participating, or equipment, or both. Nowhere is this more vital that when designing a logo for scuba dive firms. Scuba diving instructors preach safety first, so every detail has to be correct. Placement of regulators, dive knives, positioning and size of weight belt all had to be exact, even if, as in this case, the logo only featured a silhouetted figure. Nice logo for a scuba diving web site, though, in two color with a low angle graphic of a diver. The Logo Factory has designed many sports based logos over the years, including corporate and scuba equipment logos for International Diver that can be found in our daily logo design archives.

Inset Logo A – Tank Buddy scuba tank carrying system. A blast from The Logo Factory past (circa 1993) that still manages to find its way into our logo design galleries. Scuba tanks are heavy and can be very difficult to move from place to place. Solution – the Tank Buddy, a Velcro ringed, strap and handle system that makes carrying a tank a snap. The logo actually illustrates what the Tank Buddy looks like, as well as how it works. Bright and vibrant design colors were selected in order to be highly visible from blister pack displays.

Inset Design B – US Reel (Fishing products logo). A perfect example of minimalist design that still manages to say exactly what the client wants. The US Reel Logo, using two simple arcs and well-positioned dots, gives the graphic impression of a fishing reel – just what the client ordered. Simple color scheme (Red and Black) makes the logo vibrant enough to be featured on package design.

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Logopalooza! 2008: Logo design demo reel

A sampling of design work from The Logo Factory® logo gallery. Fast paced video features 350 logos in just over 3 minutes. TLF produced soundtrack is also available as an MP3 download.
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All the legacy logo samples presented in our logo design portfolio represent examples of real projects and were developed for clients in our Factory Floor client area. Unless noted otherwise, all new logos featured in our portfolio and related galleries are the copyright and/or trademark of the respective owners, used by permission, and are offered for viewing only. For logos that can be purchased for use, see the stock logos section of our Warehouse.